30 08 2011

I was thinking on my way back to work today how much my life has changed and how people’s roles in my life are continually shifting.  No one is forgotten, but life keeps changing and we are changing along with it.  I was thinking about my friends who I rarely get to see and how when we get together it’s like we just saw each other yesterday – not a moment has passed, and then there’s the other end of the spectrum where I have just met people and they seem like they’ve always been in my life forever! Take for instance this weekend.  On Friday and Sunday we spent most of the night on Friday and most of the day on Sunday with a new friend, who I met-in-person July 3rd, 2011.  We just click, we’re both Christians, about the same age, have kids about the same age, love to laugh or cry, am total mommy’s girls, have a sister 2 years younger, love a good bottle of wine paired with a DD, am ambitious, god-awful spellers, can’t get through the day without diet coke and/or coffee, love getting lost in a good book, we both make our own baby food b/c it saves money and it’s so fun to try new foods with the boys, we bring out good things in eachother, and we both tell it like it is.

I often revel in God’s ultimate plan.  I just don’t understand it…the revelation of why God for me that comes to mind most often is with my best friend in the whole world, she was my rock.  We met when she was 14 and I was 15 in the training room where I taped her ankle before gymnastics practice.  Through out the years we had ONE, yep count it, one fight.  We went to NYC together and we were moving non-stop for 3 days (I am a go, go, go, rest, go, rest, go, go, I’ll get back there again if there’s something I missed kinda traveler) and she suggested walking from Rockefeller Center to Central Park –  I came back to that suggestion with an insane flip out.  She took one step back and said that she’d give me a minute to cool down.  She was right it took me about a block and a half to apologize and laugh at how stupid that was!  Then all of a sudden 3 years ago, POOF, it was gone, I didn’t see it coming, didn’t see the end, I was totally blindsided.  I miss her everyday still, she’s closer geographically now than she has been in years, she just moved one state away rather than 10, she’s a 5 hour car ride rather than a 5 hour plane ride away now.  It breaks my heart to know that Tucker won’t grow up knowing her.  I know she’d be amazing with him and she’d never let him have a mullet (:  If she came up to me tomorrow and wanted to start from where we left off 3 years ago, I’d be thrilled.  But could I?  I have grasped the concept of forgiveness, and try to practice it regularly, but I have trouble forgetting.  How can I forget the tears that streamed down my cheeks, or the way Tucker would rebel against the sobs of sadness that would shake my body when I was pregnant, or the fact that I sent packages, emails, letters, voicemails, and knick naks with not a single response?  Can you really move on if you have one without the other, forgiveness but to forget, that’s so much more than I know how to give?  I’m so grateful for the new people God has brought into my life, but must I discard the old to let in room for the new?  Apparently that decision isn’t up to me.  What is God’s ultimate plan for this onesided-wayward friendship?  Only He knows…and I trust that the ultimate ending will expose its self to me someday.

I got a forward from someone yesterday and it said, “If you woke up tomorrow with only the things you thanked God for today, what would you have tomorrow?”  It got me thinking, did I thank God for today?  For the overcast clouds and low humidity, for the blessings of family who is taking care of Tucker today, for waking up, for seeing Tucker smile?  Let me go on record here and now for the things I am thankful for:

  • my husband
  • my Tucker
  • my bogey
  • my mom, dad, sister, brother, giea, mother in law, father in law, brother in laws, sister in law, nieces, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends…old and new
  • my health and my family’s health
  • my house, furnished with beautiful things, practical things, and appliances to make my life easier
  • Your Word to nourish my soul, and the opportunities old and new to share it with others and grow in my faith as a woman, wife, mother, and Christian
  • a yard to have Eric mow and play with Tucker and bogey in
  • 2 cars to get Eric and I where we need to go filled with gas
  • food in my pantry…especially the spicy cheese (:  what can I say I’m a WI girl!
  • money in my bank accounts
  • a wonderful job that I love
  • clean water to drink
  • the ability to love and forgive
  • a warm bed to sleep in and clothes to wear
  • my freedom – thank you to our soldiers who fight for it and their families who sacrifice so much for me and my family and my country
Dear Tucker Tot,
If I woke up tomorrow with just the things on this list I would wake up a happy woman.  I have so much to be thankful for, although my life isn’t perfect, it is wonderful.  I have gone through my share of hardships, but each of those have made me the mom, wife, and woman that I am today.  I wish that I could shield you from all the bad in the world but I know that is not realistic.  You will have your own trials and tribulations, but as long as I am on earth I will do what I can to help you through them, while still allowing you to grow into the man I know you are capable of being.  Know that God is always there, even when I cannot be, turn to him when the bad of the world comes crashing down upon you.  Lean on Him, and know that just because he doesn’t answer your prayers the way you want him to doesn’t mean he isn’t answering them.  Open your eyes to His word, it surrounds you.  I love you to the moon and back Tucker Tot!

And we are a go go go!

30 08 2011

So Tucker officially started crawling this weekend.  Life as we know it is changing!  Most parents are so excited for the next thing that they cannot fully appreciate the right now.  Eric and I talked about that and we vowed to enjoy the here and now.  I loved the fact that I could put Tucker on the floor when I had to take bogey out to pee and know he would still be there when I got back in the house, or that he was content with the toys he had right there…those days were enjoyed but are long gone.

just look at that little face!

In just 4 days it’s like we have a whole new kid living here.  He crawls behind me when I go around the house, and I am on my hands and knees looking to see what he could possibly pull off low shelves or find on the floor to eat.  I thought night time feedings were tough, I think we’ve now left the tee ball league and we’re in little league.  Cause I know that this is FAAAAAAAAAAAAR from the major league of parenting.  From what I hear that comes much later!

I swear that as soon as we get a firm grasp on a new phase of parenting everything changes and we’re back at square one again with a whole new phase.  God sure is keeping Eric and I on our toes.  Bedtime is a whole new thing most nights now too…the world is so much more interesting and it’s getting harder to rock Tucker to sleep.  This I will miss the most as life changes, I hope that Tucker will still want to snuggle for a VERY long time.  I know that is a bad habit to have him need to be rocked, but since I work full time I just don’t get a lot of quality time with him during the week.  He does just fine though if I put him down in his crib away but tired he talks and whines a bit but it doesn’t take too long to fall asleep, if he truly was tired.

Here is a video I got of Tucker crawling for Grandma, she was up north all week and missed the major action…but wanted to make sure she and Grandpa were involved!

and, yes, I did lure my child across the blanket with puffs, like I have done with the dog on numerous occasions.  I find the process works the same for Tucker as it did to teach bogey things.  I find myself using the same commands quite often and bogey will perform his countless tricks in hopes of getting a puff too…usually works, I’m a sucker for those puppy eyes!

Dear Tucker Tot,
I love that you keep our life ever-moving.  I honestly can’t remember the calmness before you blessed our life…but can’t imagine life any other way now.  Your smiling face lights up my days and brightens the room.  You are truly a gift from God that your dad and I cherish.  I can’t believe that you’re moving around now, it seems like only yesterday that you were just a tiny, okay you were never tiny, newborn only moments old.  The time sure has flown by and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.  Thank you for being you, a smiley, happy, go with the flow kind of baby.  I love being your mom, I feel like I have accomplished so much by bringing wonderful you into the world for everyone to meet.  You have blessed every life you’ve touched.  I love you tucka-roo. 

The wedding and the snow

29 08 2011

I feel as though I should let you know that snow is a huge part of my life with Eric.  All of our big milestones involved it, but at the time of our wedding we had no idea the joy the snowy days would bring to our life.  Actually we thought being so late in February we might miss any snow.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The planning of our wedding was so much fun.  I did lots of research and price shopping and found pictures in magazines of things I wanted and learned how to scale it down to fit my budget.  We booked February 24th, 2007 at the Milwaukee Marriott West in Waukesha, WI.  I fell in LOVE with it the moment I saw it.  I couldn’t wait to walk through those doors as the Princess I knew I would be.  Eric and I got lots of unsolicited advice about the wedding and about marriage from everyone we knew and didn’t know, but some of the best:

  • “ask to have your food wrapped, you won’t eat it and you’ll be sorry you didn’t later” we did that, although it didn’t make it to our room it’s great advice none the less
  • “at the end of the day the most important thing is to be married, if everything else goes well it’s icing on the cake” – BEST advice we got, it made me a mellow and calm bride despite the chaos of the day
  • “what doesn’t get done by rehearsal dinner won’t get done, and you’re the only one who will notice.”  yep, so true.  But my mom did do some stuff Friday night that made a few great finishing touches.
  • “make sure to actually invite God to your wedding” I know this sounds weird, but I said a prayer inviting God to be at our wedding, I wanted to make sure that we began our life 3-fold, just because we got married at a Church to me wasn’t enough, I wanted God to know that we WANTED him there.

Rehearsal dinner was at my church and the dinner was catered in the fellowship hall, and followed by feet of snow pouring down.  I admit I was nervous about it, but nothing I could do but pray to God that everything could go on as planned.  I woke up the next morning to snow still falling, but we had to move and groove no time to think about the snow.  We got our hair done at Craig Burns Salon in Delafield, one of my bridesmaids worked there and they got all 7 of us beauties in at the same time.

From there we headed over to Mequon to Faces II salon where we got our make up done.  The owner does such an amazing job with make-up, she’s so uber talented!  From there we headed over to the church to get ready.

Before we knew it, we were being told to line up.  The snow continued throughout the service and ended just as we were ending the ceremony.  I can’t explain the confidence that I had walking down that aisle, no one was there but me, Eric, and God.  It was amazing.  We said our I do’s and walked back down the aisle Husband and Wife.  My life would never be the same again.  The snow let up for a bit and just as were sitting down for dinner all hell broke loose and you couldn’t see anything out the windows the snow was so thick and fast.  I had no idea how bad it was until the next morning when a friend had to help shovel our car out of it’s spot.  haha, the first of many snowy joyous days of the Gitters.  All and all it was the very best day of my life.  I can’t imagine anything going any differently, and all our friends and family got home safely some took longer than others, but it was amazing!

Dear Tucker,

Marrying your dad was the very best day of my life.  He is my very best friend, our day was magical being surrounded by all our family, friends, and God.  I pray that someday you will find a wonderful woman and your wedding will be as marvelous as ours was. I look forward to the day where I will get to dance with you at your wedding, and watch you stare into the eyes of a woman who loves you with all her being and you look back at her the same way.  It’s hard to fathom that you’ll ever be old enough to be getting married, since right now you just started crawling around, but the way the ladies flock to you in daycare I know that day will come fast.  For there will be a day I can no longer protect you when you’re on your own, I pray to God with all my heart that what I’ve taught you takes you far in life as the upstanding man I know you are capable of being.  I love you with all my heart Tucker Tot.


Where I come from…

29 08 2011

The year I was born was a really tough year for my family.  My papa (mom’s dad) wasn’t feeling too good and he went to the doctor to just get things checked out.  They open him up and told my family that it didn’t look good.  He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was gone 6 weeks later in October of 1981.  I was born in December, and that January was the coldest winter to date in WI.  I was my giea’s (grandma) lifeline – and we’ve had an incredible relationship ever since.

I grew up needing for nothing, and always wanting for things, but now as a parent myself, I appreciate how my parents never gave the three of us everything we wanted…they made us earn it.  Let me introduce my family to you:

My mom is the most amazing woman ever!  I can’t even begin to explain the impact and significance she has on my life.  She is a strong woman of faith, leadership, dignity, generosity, and best of all she has had a blast doing it.  She is the kind of role model I would be proud to be just like as I mature, she is my favorite woman in the world.  Words can’t express the gratitude and admiration that I have for my mom.  She knows me so well and can just tell when I need her, she’s always just a phone call away.  She is amazing with Tucker – grandmother’hood’ fits so well on her!

My dad is inspiring.  He is a pillar of strength for our family, a man rooted solidly in God’s word, he is wise, hardworking, has rock solid ethics, and leads by example.  I strive to life up to his expectations every day.  He is a wonderful business leader, he is so understanding and patient (and yes he did need that living with my mom sister and I).  I have so much respect, admiration and love for him I can’t even tell you.  My dad is such a different grandpa than I thought he would be, he’s so hands on with Tucker…I LOVE to watch him interact with Tucker, he’ll tell him about all the things at the house and was so excited to be the one to show Tucker the lake our family cottage is on up north, although he was only a few months old and didn’t quite get it, but grandpa will surely be the first one to take Tucker fishing and show him the beauty of the outdoors.

My brother is so generous, adventurous, best of intention-full, loving guy you will ever meet.  We were not close growing up, all I wanted to do was be with the big kids and all he wanted was for me to disappear…but as we got older we understood each other more and the closer we got.  He is a rock and I know that I can rely on him for anything that I need.  He is so thoughtful, I love how often he thinks of us and he is constantly surprising our family with little ‘gifts’ (almost always these are gestures and deeds that you can’t buy) that make us smile.  When you need something, you can always count on him to help you out, I look forward to the day he finds someone to share his life with, I know she’s out there and when he finds her, she best know how lucky she is!!

My sister is my best friend.  We began as best friends, the day she was brought home I loved her the instant I met her.  I had to do everything for her whether she wanted it or not.  She knows me better than anyone in the world.  We speak our own language, (my husband HATES this) laugh at absolutely nothing, cry at sappy movies, and have come to really be the only people that understands what the other is going through.   My life is so enriched having a sister like mine.  She has just dove headfirst into auntie’hood’ and Tucker ADORES her!  His face lights up when she enters the room, you can tell that they will be the best of buds forever.  She is Tucker’s Godmother a title she wears so well!  A thousand times over, I have given thanks for my mom not listening to me when I was 5 and trading her in for a dog.  In December, 9 days before Tucker was born, LeAnne married Matt.  I don’t think that there could be a better fit for our family.  I know that it’s about LeAnne and Matt, but we’re such a tight knit group, that it’s important to us that our significant others fit in.  Matt is wonderful…he and Eric are the best of buds.  He’s always so helpful, courteous, and funny.  He’s always there with a zinger to make you bust a gut laughing!  The four of us are so close, and there’s something about being able to spend time with your best friend and have your significant others get along as well.  Eric and Matt have spend many of hours in the Man Cave, on the golf course and at Bilda’s.  I love how great he is with Tucker too, he makes the cutest voices and plays so well with him.  Tucker sequels with joy when he sees LeAnne and Matt, the sweetest sound to this mama’s ears!

So that is where I come from – my family “O”(original).

Dear Tucker,
You are so lucky to be part of this family, I know that I am so lucky to have grown up as a Berg.  I know this quote so well explains our family, “Our family is a circle of strength and love, with every birth and every union, the circle will grow, every joy shared adds more love, every crisis faced together, makes the circle stronger.” Your birth has been such a blessing to us, and we all continue to love you more everyday!  Thank you for being you! 

Introducing The Gitters

29 08 2011

I have heard some wild and awful stories about people’s inlaws…but mine isn’t like that.  Blessed is barely a good enough phrase to describe how I feel about my inlaws.  They are amazing.  I am lucky enough to have 2 families that I adore, I cry with, I laugh with, and love more than life itself.  Let me introduce you to the Gitters…

Eric – oh, my husband.  He’s fantastic, wonderful, loving, caring, and at the same time challenging and a pain in my ass.  Bahaha!  I am so glad he is all those things, life would just be too boring if he was just wonderful all the time!  In some ways we are so alike we collide and cause major waves, but in so many others he’s the ying to my yang.  And over the years some of my yings have turned into yangs and vice versa.  Marrying Eric was the best day of my entire life, he’s my everything along with God, we’re complete.  Isn’t he so handsome!  He’s a spender, there’s no denying that and the statements he makes with his clothing is anything but subtle…but no one looks as good in American flag pants as Eric does!  He makes me laugh, consoles me when I cry, brightens up my dark days, and allows me to be me, even at concerts when he’s embarrassed to be around a fluttering, bouncing, horribly singing the wrong words me!

Jim & Bunny – what can I say about two of the most selfless people I have ever known?  They’re wonderful!  Jim and Bunny’s personalities are switched from my mom and dad’s.  My mom is the talky talkerton, bubbly, it’s all out on the table one, my dad on the other hand is much more reserved, quiet, and methodical.  Jim is a talky talkerton (he’s on my and Kristin’s side of the table) who is just a warm hearted soul, Bunny is a much more quiet woman, but when you get to know her watch out…she’s down right hysterical and the most generous woman you’ll ever meet.  They are devout Christians and raised their boys by leading through their examples.  They are so together and in love after almost 40 years, they are an inspiration to Eric and me.  They love their grandkids with everything they have, they rearrange their lives to help us with anything and everything we need.  They are actually our neighbors, yep, I could spit and Bunny would have to clean it off their kitchen windows, neighbors.  We seem them everyday that we and they are home.  And I love it.  I love that they treat me like I am part of their family, not just someone who was married in.  I could go on and on and on about how wonderful they are but I have more Gitters to rave about!

Jon & Kristin – When Eric and I first started dating Jon was a single, all out bachelor – beer and ketchup in the fridge – kinda guy.  He was a blast to hang out with at Badger games and events, and on an occasion or two I even tried to set him up on dates with people I knew.  He was a great sport about it.  When Jon met Kristin, it was love at first sight.  And I knew it was just from the way he talked about her.  Their relationship moved faster than my and Eric’s but it is a perfect love story!  They compliment each other better than almost any couple I know.  Jon is a black white numbers kinda guy, Kristin is a fly by the seat of her pants, lets just do it kinda girl.  Where one is weak the other strengthens them and they are just MFEO.  I love getting together with Kristin and the kids, they adore each other, except when Tucker pulls E’s hair.  It took her quite a few days to forgive him for that.  But who could blame the girl, my little man must learn the Jersey Shore Rule…never touch a woman’s hair!  I love them dearly and they are in the beginning stages of building on East side of the Gitter compound!  We are one big happy family, who can spit on each other’s windows (:

E – I honestly can’t remember what we did for entertainment before the kids!  She is one of the funniest, smartest, cutest, spunkiest little girls I have ever known.  O.M.Goodness I can’t even tell you how much this auntie loves her!  I remember the day she was born.  Kristin went in, not totally expecting to be induced that day but she sure was.  I hated my job at the time, and an excuse to call in sick was something I was always looking for.  So that I did and off to the hospital Jim and Bunny and I went.  It was one of the fastest days of my life.  Although I was reading one of the Twilight books to pass the time which all in its self passes time quickly.  We were out in the lobby of the hospital with Eric, and Kirstin’s mom, dad, sister, cousins, aunt and uncle and we heard the lullaby on the loud speaker (they play a lullaby everytime a baby is born) and we just knew it was our girl that time.  She was such a beautiful newborn, and a pretty content baby from the get-go.  She never stops making my belly hurt from laughing, and is the ham to end all hams, she and Tucker are going to get into some major trouble together, and be the best of buds!  She is also going to be a big sister in October or November this year.  She’s going to be amazing at that, she’s such a great big cousin!

Dear Tucker,
I can’t tell you what it’s like to grow up as a Gitter, but it’s a story that I’m living with you everyday!  I know that being part of this Gitter family has brought more blessings into my life than I could even begin to count.  I love being a Gitter.   This same quote makes me think of the Gitters too, “Our family is a circle of strength and love, with every birth and every union, the circle will grow, every joy shared adds more love, every crisis faced together, makes the circle stronger.”   We know have a crisis or two with your papa’s health, but he’s doing awesome now, and going through his illness has made each of us hold eachother closer and cherish every single second we get together.  I’m so glad that God brought your dad and I together so we could have you and share you with our amazing families!  We are so very blessed Tucker Tot!



The Love Story of Us…Eric & Patty

29 08 2011

How many times do you get asked the question, how did you and your husband meet?  Well I do enough that I thought I’d put it on here.  Eric and I met when I was in high school and he was working for the local paper covering sporting events.  I thought he was so obnoxious and weird.  He was also 6 years older than me and I had a boyfriend who I was in love with…remember the feeling of ‘love’ in high school?  (I know I know there are some of you still in love with your high school sweetheart – that’s awesome, but that’ s not our story)

Fast forward 6 years I was in college and working at a local golf course bartending and beverage carting and Eric pulls up on a golf cart. He looked great, lost a ton of weight and was actually funny now.  He ended up working at another golf course that my boss, at the time, also owned and along with 2 other co-workers the four of us became inseparable for that summer.  Eric and I started hanging out and one night after a 14 hour day I found a note and a snack on my car asking me to go on a date.  We went to the movies, he’s took me to see the Incredible Hulk…romantic I know.  He’s so cute that way though.  Our next date was back to the movies, I got to pick this time.  I picked 28 days later, cause it was supposed to be scarey and he could console me.  Yeah, another flop movie – but we did finally get our first kiss at the end of that date.

Fast forward 4 years to February 16, 2006, one of the coldest days I could remember we went out to dinner with Eric’s family to celebrate his mom’s birthday at The Mineshaft.  My best friend’s sister was singing in a karaoke contest and I wanted to stay and cheer her on.  Eric asked to leave 3 times and I was getting super annoyed and told him that if he wanted to go then go, I’d stay at B’s house.  He pulled her aside and told her that he was going to propose and he needed her help to get me out.  Needless to say I left with a chip on shoulder, but the night ended in utter joy.  After he proposed we called my parents in Mexico, who of course were waiting on pins and needles for the call.  Everyone at their resort knew I was getting engaged.  We immediately went to planning  mode and set the date for February 24, 2007.

Dear Tucker,
I pray for you to have your own love story to tell someday.  Follow your heart and know that I am here for you along the way.  Finding the kind of love that will last forever isn’t easy, and you’ll go through many heartbreaks before you find the one for you.  Your dad and I promise to try not to be too overbearing or embarrassing when you start dating, but that may be hard.  I can for sure promise to not show your most horrific pictures on your first date with your future wife, like your papa showed me of your dad! But it all ended well for us!  Make sure that you are romantic and unforgettable when you propose to your future wife, it’s old fashioned but get down on one knee, and make sure to ask her mom AND dad for their permission, and know just as your grandpa says, there is a no return policy!  (:  I love you Tucker Tot!

Bogey – Our First Chosen furry Son

29 08 2011

To celebrate our first anniversary we decided that we needed to expand from just us to us and a dog.  Eric was totally on board when I first brought up the subject.  I researched for MONTHS to find the right dog.  I am allergic to shedding dogs so it had to be hypo-allergenic and some of those are NOT very cute.  And of course the ones that I wanted were WAY out of our price range.  I was aware that they aren’t cheap when you get them home, so I couldn’t afford to break the bank on the front end.  I had given up hope, and when I was babysitting for our cousin’s kids,  my Godson told me that we should look one more time.  So I gave in and low and behold we found the cutest puppy for just the right price.

Here is the picture that the breeder sent me. 

She even offered me a discount if I could get him by Monday.  I guess it was her first time cross breading her yorkshires and shitzus and she needed this new litter out before her other yorkies went into heat.  So we were in – he was going to be ours, that was on a Saturday night.  I had to work on Monday and Eric had off so he and my mom drove 5 hours up north to get Bogey and his sister Teela (who my cousin got).  Another incident of snow, it blizzarded that day and it took them about 8 hours to get home.  The dogs didn’t make a peep until the dropped Teela off at my cousins.  I couldn’t WAIT to get home that night…and when I pulled up there was Eric holding our brand new baby puppy in the window.  It was love at first sight.  We’ve been best buds since the second I held him.

There is nothing like coming home to an animal that is so overjoyed to see you they can barely contain themselves.  When I’m having a bad day he gets it and is the first one to sense it.  God made sure that all the other dogs I glanced at before I found Bogey were out of reach.  He truly does know what he’s doing…and continually enriches our life through trials and smiles.

Bogey is just like another child.  Although I don’t think he’ll ever outgrow the infancy stage.  We live on a busy road so he’s always on a leash, but we try to get out and walk him everyday.  If we can’t we’ll take his turtle (his ‘friend’) and throw her around outside for a while after Tot is asleep.  Bogey has adjusted well to Tot, we were so nervous because we treat Bogey as a real child – ah, cause he is to us – but he was protective and loving towards him right away!  Tot loves to see Bogey run around and if I’m not watching and Tot is on the floor playing I’ll catch Bogey licking his toes – Tot giggles with delight at this!

Eric has talked about getting another dog, either after Bogey dies or before.  I say no.  I LOVE having Bogey but it’s because he’s bogey, I have no interest in another dog, ever.  When God decides we’ve had enough time with Bogey (there is never enough time) then that’s it for animals at this house.  We’ll give Bogey all the animal love we have, he fills a very special place in our hearts.  He’s our pookie bear and I adore him!


Dear Tucker,
Bogey is such a special part of our life…he loves you so much!  Although right now he prefers when you’re put away in your exersaucer or crib, but the second he hears a noise in your room is right there at your door every morning and night.  He loves to see you first thing in the morning and if I left your door open at night I have no doubt he’d sleep on the rug under your crib.  I know that as you grow up you two will be the BEST of friends and hopefully he’ll sleep with you rather than your dad and I.  He was great practice for you and I actually think he’s more work than you most days!  Bogey is a special part of our family and am so glad that he adjusted well to you becoming a special part of our family too!  Bogey and I love you Tucker Tot!