Bogey – Our First Chosen furry Son

29 08 2011

To celebrate our first anniversary we decided that we needed to expand from just us to us and a dog.  Eric was totally on board when I first brought up the subject.  I researched for MONTHS to find the right dog.  I am allergic to shedding dogs so it had to be hypo-allergenic and some of those are NOT very cute.  And of course the ones that I wanted were WAY out of our price range.  I was aware that they aren’t cheap when you get them home, so I couldn’t afford to break the bank on the front end.  I had given up hope, and when I was babysitting for our cousin’s kids,  my Godson told me that we should look one more time.  So I gave in and low and behold we found the cutest puppy for just the right price.

Here is the picture that the breeder sent me. 

She even offered me a discount if I could get him by Monday.  I guess it was her first time cross breading her yorkshires and shitzus and she needed this new litter out before her other yorkies went into heat.  So we were in – he was going to be ours, that was on a Saturday night.  I had to work on Monday and Eric had off so he and my mom drove 5 hours up north to get Bogey and his sister Teela (who my cousin got).  Another incident of snow, it blizzarded that day and it took them about 8 hours to get home.  The dogs didn’t make a peep until the dropped Teela off at my cousins.  I couldn’t WAIT to get home that night…and when I pulled up there was Eric holding our brand new baby puppy in the window.  It was love at first sight.  We’ve been best buds since the second I held him.

There is nothing like coming home to an animal that is so overjoyed to see you they can barely contain themselves.  When I’m having a bad day he gets it and is the first one to sense it.  God made sure that all the other dogs I glanced at before I found Bogey were out of reach.  He truly does know what he’s doing…and continually enriches our life through trials and smiles.

Bogey is just like another child.  Although I don’t think he’ll ever outgrow the infancy stage.  We live on a busy road so he’s always on a leash, but we try to get out and walk him everyday.  If we can’t we’ll take his turtle (his ‘friend’) and throw her around outside for a while after Tot is asleep.  Bogey has adjusted well to Tot, we were so nervous because we treat Bogey as a real child – ah, cause he is to us – but he was protective and loving towards him right away!  Tot loves to see Bogey run around and if I’m not watching and Tot is on the floor playing I’ll catch Bogey licking his toes – Tot giggles with delight at this!

Eric has talked about getting another dog, either after Bogey dies or before.  I say no.  I LOVE having Bogey but it’s because he’s bogey, I have no interest in another dog, ever.  When God decides we’ve had enough time with Bogey (there is never enough time) then that’s it for animals at this house.  We’ll give Bogey all the animal love we have, he fills a very special place in our hearts.  He’s our pookie bear and I adore him!


Dear Tucker,
Bogey is such a special part of our life…he loves you so much!  Although right now he prefers when you’re put away in your exersaucer or crib, but the second he hears a noise in your room is right there at your door every morning and night.  He loves to see you first thing in the morning and if I left your door open at night I have no doubt he’d sleep on the rug under your crib.  I know that as you grow up you two will be the BEST of friends and hopefully he’ll sleep with you rather than your dad and I.  He was great practice for you and I actually think he’s more work than you most days!  Bogey is a special part of our family and am so glad that he adjusted well to you becoming a special part of our family too!  Bogey and I love you Tucker Tot!



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