The Love Story of Us…Eric & Patty

29 08 2011

How many times do you get asked the question, how did you and your husband meet?  Well I do enough that I thought I’d put it on here.  Eric and I met when I was in high school and he was working for the local paper covering sporting events.  I thought he was so obnoxious and weird.  He was also 6 years older than me and I had a boyfriend who I was in love with…remember the feeling of ‘love’ in high school?  (I know I know there are some of you still in love with your high school sweetheart – that’s awesome, but that’ s not our story)

Fast forward 6 years I was in college and working at a local golf course bartending and beverage carting and Eric pulls up on a golf cart. He looked great, lost a ton of weight and was actually funny now.  He ended up working at another golf course that my boss, at the time, also owned and along with 2 other co-workers the four of us became inseparable for that summer.  Eric and I started hanging out and one night after a 14 hour day I found a note and a snack on my car asking me to go on a date.  We went to the movies, he’s took me to see the Incredible Hulk…romantic I know.  He’s so cute that way though.  Our next date was back to the movies, I got to pick this time.  I picked 28 days later, cause it was supposed to be scarey and he could console me.  Yeah, another flop movie – but we did finally get our first kiss at the end of that date.

Fast forward 4 years to February 16, 2006, one of the coldest days I could remember we went out to dinner with Eric’s family to celebrate his mom’s birthday at The Mineshaft.  My best friend’s sister was singing in a karaoke contest and I wanted to stay and cheer her on.  Eric asked to leave 3 times and I was getting super annoyed and told him that if he wanted to go then go, I’d stay at B’s house.  He pulled her aside and told her that he was going to propose and he needed her help to get me out.  Needless to say I left with a chip on shoulder, but the night ended in utter joy.  After he proposed we called my parents in Mexico, who of course were waiting on pins and needles for the call.  Everyone at their resort knew I was getting engaged.  We immediately went to planning  mode and set the date for February 24, 2007.

Dear Tucker,
I pray for you to have your own love story to tell someday.  Follow your heart and know that I am here for you along the way.  Finding the kind of love that will last forever isn’t easy, and you’ll go through many heartbreaks before you find the one for you.  Your dad and I promise to try not to be too overbearing or embarrassing when you start dating, but that may be hard.  I can for sure promise to not show your most horrific pictures on your first date with your future wife, like your papa showed me of your dad! But it all ended well for us!  Make sure that you are romantic and unforgettable when you propose to your future wife, it’s old fashioned but get down on one knee, and make sure to ask her mom AND dad for their permission, and know just as your grandpa says, there is a no return policy!  (:  I love you Tucker Tot!



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