What’s with the Diet Coke?

1 09 2011

There’s something about McDonald’s Diet Coke. I just don’t know what it is. My FIL was retired quite sometime before my MIL was and he used to go to McDonald’s restaurant everyday get his diet coke and read the paper. He knew the staff by first name and they knew him. We used to tease him a little bit for this and when my MIL retired he became a frequent drive-thru’er’ and we lovingly joked how my MIL was the Yoko Ono of my FIL and his McDonald’s friends (:

He’s not the only one who I know will go out of their way to just pick up a large Diet Coke from McDonald’s for $1.06. A good friend of mine who is a baby birthing factory has 3 kids under 6 years old and everyday gets them in the car for their daily McDonald’s drive thru to get her soda. I went in today to get 2 Diet Cokes for my sister and I on the late end of the lunch hour and the drive thru line was spilling out onto the street! It was insane…so I went in while my sister stayed in the car. There were a ton of people in there too…and of course I had to get behind the guy ordering lunch for 10 people, when all I wanted was 2 cups…I fill them up myself! It got me thinking that there should be a Soda Only Express Lane and Drive Thru Lane at McDonald’s. If there was such a thing how many people would utilize it? I know that I would, there’s something about Diet Coke from the fountain that just calls my name.

Eric is much the same about Diet Mountain Dew. Which I complain that he MUST buy one everyday when I can get a case for him to drink for MUCH less per can than a fountain everyday. I find myself in hypocrisies like this one a bit too often. It’s almost like the rules are the rules for everyone else, but when it’s my turn to follow them, they don’t apply. For example, pedestrians always have the right of way – except when I have to be somewhere and you’re moving too slow, but if I’m walking you better stop for me. Or if I’m in the living room first and watching a TV show that I like and Eric doesn’t he can’t ask me to change the channel, he should just go down to his Man Cave and watch something else down there – but if he’s in the living room first and watching something that I don’t like he must change it to something we both like. It’s something that I am becoming more aware of all on my own. Eric is the best husband in the fact that he rarely throws these hypocrisies in my face, and I appreciate that so much…again the ying to my yang.

Tucker is everywhere and into everything these days, and bumps and bruises are a part of it all, he’s such an adventurous child, wanting to see and touch everything – especially things he shouldn’t be touching. This morning I had to preface my departure from Tucker’s daycare with I SWEAR I don’t beat my child, even though he had yet another bump above his eye from trying to climb on an endtable in the living room. I hate that he gets bumps and bruises, but I love that he’s learning how to so many things now. Is there a happy medium where he doesn’t get beat to hell but learns how to be an independent productive child? I guess I am learning too, what MUST be childproofed, and I am thinking about getting the padding for the ends of our tables and shelves so if he does climb and hit something it won’t bonk him so hard like it did this morning. Poor baby, it was a really sad cry. I find it so funny that when I was telling the story to my sister this morning I could mimic the exact cry Tucker made and did the other cries he makes, like when you tell him no or when you take away something he wants and can’t have. I know the different cries of my child…being a parent is such an incredible gift from God.

Dear Tucker Tot,
I have my flaws, I know right now you think I’m perfect, but I’m not. I work hard to be all that you need me to be…I hope that you grow up to be a wonderful man like your dad. he’s so great, I love that he’s so good at knowing which battles to choose with me. That is something that your dad and I will learn together on how to do with you. It is our goal to be a team an united front with parenting you. Your granny and papa & your grandpa and grandma were so great at that. We are blessed with such great role models to take pointers from in how to raise you. I love being your mom and learning more about everyday. Thank you God for my Tucker, he’s such a gift to us and everyone he knows.



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