Matthew 25:31-45

2 09 2011

So I joined a 6 week bible study group led by a great friend of mine with a few other young moms like me. I am really looking forward this, I’ve never been part of something with other young moms through church before. I am part of a leadership bible study at my church, but I know this will be different. So the first session is on Matthew 25. I am using my dads study bible up north and the description of 25:31-46 intrigues me, makes me think, how can I do this better? “to treat all persons we encounter as if they are Jesus is no easy task. What we do for others demonstrates what we really think about Jesus’ words to us…how well do your actions separate you from the pretenders and unbelievers?”

Wow! What a powerful statement. As most are from THE book. But treat everyone as if they were Jesus. What a difficult task, turn the other cheek when you are wronged or hurt. Love one another with the love Jesus showed even to his murderers and those who betrayed him, is such an overwhelming and daunting task. I am working on being a better Christian – from the inside. Being a mom makes me what to do that, so I can show Tucker and not just tell him how to do it. I think that this small group is going to do good things for me, my soul, my friendships, and my faith. Thank you God for my life, and may I live it in a way to make you proud and go forth as one of your warriors. Amen.

Dear Tucker Tot,
As I watch you sleeping peacefully in your bed I am reading from the most important book ever written. I pray that I can be a mom who is able to tell you all about what I have learned from studying the bible. But more importantly I pray that I can be the kind of mom who shows you what it is like to live a Godly life and you grow up learning the goodness of God’s graces. I love you tucker.



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5 09 2011

Super excited for you to join the small group! It’s going to be a life changing 6 weeks!!

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