9 months, already??

16 09 2011

Oh my goodness – Tucker turned 9 months old on Tuesday, where could the time possibly have gone? It seems like it was yesterday that Eric and I were checking into the hospital as husband and wife, and 3 days later we left as mom and dad. Time is a funny thing, when you want it to speed up it seems to take FOREVER and when you want it to slow down it just FLIES by!

In month 8 there were a ton of changes in Tucker –

First and foremost he became mobile. He’s a crawling machine and not the army crawl drag his belly along the floor; the on all four hands and knees sailing around the house into EVERYTHING kind of crawling. There isn’t enough babyproofing to keep him safe from bumps and bruises.

We have teeth! The two teeth on the bottom have been sitting there ready to pop since his 4 month check up. They finally sprouted along with the BIGGEST giant front left tooth. It’s mammouth – I hope it’ll be cute in his 9 month pictures next week. Sometimes just a few teeth look awkward, I know superficial mom here!

Dexterity, Tucker’s dexterity has improved 10 fold. He can pick up even the smallest specs of anything he finds on the floor, but more importantly he’s become an expert on eating like a big boy. Although I still puree his foods, I am getting a bit more adventurous with giving him real people food in the consistency we eat it. I just cut it up in very small pieces so if he can’t gum it all the way he can still eat it. Although he’s quite good at chewing, given that he hasn’t shoved too much in his mouth.

He’s also just beginning the MOMMY stage. I am the sunrise and sunset to that kid, it’s painfully obvious that he is an only child. We have had a few playdates with a friend who has triplets and Tucker is the smallest guy and the boys just want to play but he’s not quite used to the fact that they have no concept of personal space, while Tucker likes his personal bubble. He’s much like his Auntie in that regard. Although he’s quite good at sharing his binky box which is filled with about 20 different pacifiers and the boys all take turns taking them out, putting them in their mouth and then discarding to the floor.

Commands, I know this again sounds like training the dog, but this month Tucker has become very responsive when you say his name, he knows who he is and a plethora of other people, he knows Mom, Dad, Papa, Granny, Grandma, Auntie, Uncle Matt, Emma, Miss Sam, among many others. He also understands No. As a mover and shaker this command is crucial to things in our house, No No Tucker – leave Bogey alone, No No Tucker leave bogey’s food alone, No No Tucker leave Bogey’s dirty turtle alone. Are you seeing a theme, he loves all things bogey! Poor dog. Eric and I are both working hard rather than saying no, trying to make it positive, Tucker – be nice to bogey – we then open his hand and show him how to be nice. It kinda works.

He’s an official kisser. This month he started baby kissing everyone he loves. As one of my friend’s son puts it, “that’s about the cutest baby thing ever!” I think so too!

Well that’s what’s happened over the last month. I wonder what life will bring in month 9…wow 9 months already, who would have believed it could go by so fast! Here are Tucker’s 9 month stats from our pediatrician appointment today:

Height – 27.5″ 18%

Weight 18lbs 13.2oz 38%

Dear Tucker,
You’re 9 months old already! Your dad and I cannot believe how fast you’ve grown up. You are getting to be more of a real life person everyday. You are becoming so much more interactive and fun now. It’s become a bit more exhausting being your mom, as I am the one you need to be clinging too whenever I am around right now, but I know that this need for me is a fleeting need, and this mama is eating it up! I love the way that you love me, I love your boogery open mouth kisses, and the way you smile and interact with the world. You make me such a proud mama bear! I pray that your dad and I will continue to be proud of all that you do in the world, and when the day comes that bad decisions are made, may we be given the tools to steer you in the right direction. You make our lives a joy – I love you Tucker James.




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