it’s getting a bit heavy in here…

22 09 2011

I was reading through my blog posts last night and it struck me, “man – I sound like a philosophical heavy-weight” If you know me in real life you know that I’m not quite as deep and philosophical as my thoughts on this blog. Let me introduce you to my lighter side.

Around our house there are very often Patty’isms’ and word balls that make no sense at all…well in my head they do. It was almost a daily occurrence at my old job that my co-workers and I would laugh our a**es off at how my mind works. A few examples:

On Saturday Tucker and I got home after the walk and I was telling Eric all about our day.

patty: “It was so cool honey, there were all the local who’s who there shaking hands with all the walkers and runners, and just before we got to Buzz Aldrin the memory card got full!”

eric: Buzz Aldrin, hey?

patty: yeah, you know the Marquette Basketball coach?

eric: *laughing hysterically* you mean Buzz Williams?

patty: *non-nonchalantly* yeah, that’s what I said Buzz whatever.

At a Brewers game a few years ago we went with another couple and I was reading the scoreboard

patty: it’s kinda weird that that guy’s name is spelled with an apostrophe in the middle.

everyone else: *laughing* patty that means his name was too long to fit on one line on the scoreboard

patty: hmm, learn something new everyday

This game was also $1 hot dog days where I indulged

doug: patty I’ll give you $5 to eat another hot dog

patty: doug, that’s gross

doug: clearly, cause 9 hot dogs is so ladylike

patty: duh.

When I was induced with Tucker I was sitting on my hospital bed talking with Jon & Kristin and Eric and my water broke:

patty: ah, I am peeing in my pants…oh my gosh I can’t stop peeing, I can’t stop peeing!!

kristin: patty your water just broke

patty: no I can’t stop peeing!

*i really don’t understand why I had to have someone tell me that I wasn’t peeing but my water broke – duh, I had gotten induced a few hours before.*

On the way to the Matchbox Twenty concert in Milwaukee with my best college bud and made a turn when the light was red from a one way street

tiffany: dude, the light was red

patty: uh, i know i made a right turn

tiffany: really? a right turn, cause i’m pretty sure that you made a left turn

patty: hmm, well it seemed like a right turn on a one way street

These are just a few of my pattyisms. A glance into the lighter side of me, the real me, the quirky, silly, living in the gray because black and white is for people who are good at math side of me. Hope you enjoy the lighter side (:

Dear Tucker,
This blog is all about the real me, the one you see everyday and giggle at. When I was pregnant your dad wanted me to keep our conversations to a minimum because he was afraid that you would come out saying some of the crazy things I do! I hope that you can grow up to laugh at your shortcomings the way that I do. I find pleasure and humor in the fact that my mind doesn’t always work the way it should. I think that somedays I still look at the world with the innocence of a child, or at least that’s what I tell myself. I love jabbering with you and making funny faces with you, you giggle when I dance around off beat and smile when I say something kinda dumb. You’re such a great kid Tucker – I love being your mom (:




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22 09 2011
Jake Appleton

Very cute, post. Loved the Buzz Aldrin, er, Williams line. I went back and read a few of your earlier posts. You, my friend, are a very good writer. I love how you personally address Tucker at the end of every post.

Keep writing!


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