I am a woman of faith

3 10 2011

This weekend was The Women of Faith conference at the Bradley Center in downtown Milwaukee.  Due to an unforeseen day off earlier in the week, I as unable to make it for the first part of the conference during the day on Friday, and I really didn’t want to drive all the way downtown to the conference at 7 pm and not get home til 11 pm to turn around an do it all over again for the whole day on Saturday.  Boy oh boy am I glad that I listened to that little voice in my head (I kinda think it was God saying, Go Patty – don’t write another regret post on your blog) and went.  The speakers were wonderful and the music of Natalie Grant left me emotionally raw and in awe of the talent God has bestowed upon her.  I didn’t even realize that so many of the songs that I hear on K-Love are hers.  I drove home KNOWING that going was the right decision.  Here is one of the most powerful songs I have ever heard  about God’s love for each of us.  It moved me beyond words, even blogging ones.  Take a listen for yourself.

It being a MAJOR sporting weekend, (Badgers, Brewers and local team sports) and this being an ALL day event babysitters were few and far between, so I brought Tucker along with me.  I was regretting that in the morning just thinking how awful he is going to be and fully ready to use him as an excuse to duck out early if the day was lame.  It was anything but, and having one of my greatest blessing from God in my arms while 7,000 women worship, praise, sing, and give thanks together, made it so much more enriching.  Tucker was AWESOME, so well behaved and people all around us commented how good he was and how cute is was and how they didn’t even know there was a baby there.  We did have to duck out early – he made it from 8:30 – 3:15 (the conference ended at 5 pm, and I really wanted to stay til the end and get my book signed by Angie Smith, but I decided that pushing my luck was not in my, Tucker’s, or any person sitting around us’s best interest).

Each of the women speaking has stared evilness, pain, heartache, and their own hells straight in the eye and come out a solider of the Lord, spreading His story in a way that is touching millions.  How inspiring.  What a gift to give so many.  Each person walked out of that building changed, with a different version of what each story was to them.  The cards that God has dealt me are good, just about every single one of them, the only death that has touched my life personally has been of people who have lived good long plentiful lives.  It seems so unfair when I hear stories like Shelia Walsh’s, Angie Smith’s, Lisa Harper’s, Nicole Johnson’s, or Melissa Bissing’s – why are my cards so good and plentiful and theirs seems so hard?  It’s a thought that enters my mind on more than one occasion, but I honestly believe that God brought each of their stories into my life, right now, to give perspective and thanks for all that I have.  My life is good, not just in things, but in faith and family, and yes my tangible possessions.  But to those given great things comes great responsibility…I am keeping my eyes, ears, and heart open to God’s word to do what God has called me to do.  I want to go out into the world as his warrior and be His messenger.  A few things I am taking away from the stories of this weekend:

  • Being a parent is a AWEsome responsibility.  Live your life as a person and parent as the kind of person you want your child to grow up to be.  You can tell your kids the right things to do all you want, but unless they see them being done they are just words.
  • The story of Peter walking on water is an analogy for everything new and/or scary in our lives…behind us is all that we know in this world and ahead of us is what we must believe without seeing – as long as we keep our eyes locked on the Lord we can walk through this world knowing that He is our ever-living God, our redeemer and King of all Kings – but take our eyes away for even a second we can sink into the false safety of what we know on earth.  If God brings us to it, He will bring us through it.
  • With the love of Jesus Christ miracles are possible, though they may not happen the way you want them to, miracles are all around us.  God is good.
  • Someone’s story is always more tragic than yours, learn from it, use it to grow in your faith, and make yourself a tool of the Lord to help them through their difficulties
  • It’s okay to not be the most popular because you are making good choices in your life.  What you reap you will sow.  Be a Jesus-freak, or a bible thumper, there are much worse things that you could be labeled

I honestly don’t think that these words do justice to this weekend or the impact it had on me…I am inspired to Imagine the possibilities of a world with God at my side, it is a world with the promise of Everlasting life with Him.  I am very much looking forward to next years conference October 5th -6th.  I hope that you will consider joining me, I would love to have all my women of faith with me.

Dear Tucker,
What an amazing weekend we had.  I am so glad that you got to come with me and hear inspiring stories from amazing women who speak for the Lord.  You were such a good boy and enjoyed looking at all the commotion going on around you.  You bopped to the music and even took a couple short cap naps.  I couldn’t have imagined you being better behaved.  Thank you for allowing me to fully engage myself in the Word.  Holding you in my arms was so wonderful as woman after woman talked about being a mother and their blessings.  You are my blessing, and I thank God everyday for you – one of my greatest joys.  I am living in the now, right here, and appreciating all that God has blessed our family with.  I pray that I will live my life as an example for you.  We will all make mistakes but we can learn from them and use it help make us better humans.  You continue to amaze me more everyday.  I love you Tucker Tot, my little bitty bot. 



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