Top 5 Best Life Moments

14 10 2011

My life is good.  There is no if, ands, or buts about it.  I love my life and cannot even begin to count all the blessing that have, and I have found myself stopping a lot more lately to take a minute, not to ask God for anything, but to simply say thank you, for all I have.  But I can tell you exactly what the top 5 best life moments are.

  1. It’s so cliche but numero uno is my and Eric’s wedding day.  It was the best day ever!  I never wanted it to end, it was magical, enchanting, fun, and full of love, family, friends, faith and well wishes.  It was the first day of my new life with my new nuclear family.
  2. The day Tucker was born.  It was the most surreal thing checking into the hospital just the two of us, me feeling fine (well a beached whale but otherwise fine) and 12 hours later hold our brand new baby.  Thus began a whole new life for us.  December 13 was the most awing day that went so much better than I could have ever imagined.  Our lives changed that day for sure, most days for the better (:
  3. December 26, 2004.  Eric gave me a Burberry wool scarf for my birthday.  I know how this sounds, but it wasn’t what it was it was how it was given to me.  Earlier that month I went to NYC with my then best friend, and I ADORE the Burberry brown plaid, we of course went into the Burberry store, I saved up my spending money and was going to buy a scarf.  Well I glanced at the price tag, turned my a$$ around and decided I didn’t save enough.  I came home told Eric the story and ended it with I wasn’t good enough for that kind of money on a scarf that I can’t even put in the washing machine.  On my birthday I opened a Burberry box with the scarf in it with a note saying that I was good enough and he loved me.  I still smile thinking about that gift  (:
  4. The day E was born.  I can’t even explain the anxiousness that was in the hospital waiting room that day.  I was so excited to be an Auntie.  We were all in the waiting room stalking every piece of equipment that was being brought into the room to estimate the progress of delivery.  Everytime a baby was born there was a lullaby that was played over the loudspeaker.  We all knew when it was ours.  Holding E, so tiny and beautiful was such a special moment for Eric and I and that moment has been etched into my memory forever.
  5. The OWENGE Fundraiser @ Bilda’s & The Inaugural OWENge Warrior Walkers march in the Brigg’s & Al’s.  Learning Owen’s story changed my life.  It just did.  I became a more patient mother and really began to dive into my faith.  The radio has been on K-love non stop since June and I feel that my life is more enriched by learning his story.  Life is fragile and fleeting, but wonderful and dynamic at the same time.  Enjoy every moment and live it so that if someone I love isn’t there in the morning, I can move on in this life knowing I did all I could to make our time meaningful until God unites us again.  The Bilda’s fundraiser was a day of fun, sun, and raising a bunch of money! The weather was awesome, the company was awesome, and the food was outstanding!   Seeing all that OWENGE brought a smile to my face for days after.  The Walk/Run for CHW was a different feeling, it was a day of blessings, and unity for one little dude.  I was so moved and proud that day, that Mandy and I started this OWENge movement.  Our team stuck out like a sore thumb among 1,000’s of other people.  I would be surprised if there weren’t other teams with dyed or tie-dyed shirts there next year.  I got to meet so many wonderful people and the bittersweetness of the day was overwhelming and amazing.

When I think of each of these days I smile, I delight in them, I feel good.  When I’m having a bad day, one of these memories are what brings me back up.  God played a huge role in everyone of these days and that brings a smile to my heart.  My life is good…no, it’s great.  I have so much to give thanks for.

Dear Tucker,
These days were the most amazing days of my life so far.  I love and cherish these memories.  I pray that as you grow into a wonderful man that you have a life even better than mine.  I want you to count your blessings and give back to those who make those blessing possible, above all God.  You were fearfully and wonderfully made, and continue to be one of my  most precious blessings.  May your life moments bring a smile to your face and pride to your heart, as mine have.  I love you Tucker more and more every single day. 



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