10 months, huh???

17 10 2011

Really…really, come on…10 months already since I pushed Tucker out into this world??? Literally.  I can’t believe how fast it has flown by!  I took Tucker outside in the morning to get some pictures of him to commemorate 10 months.  Here is the fruit of our labors…

So this past month Tucker has begun pulling himself up onto furniture and shimming around the furniture.  He’s MASTERED his walker and zips around the kitchen, mud room, and laundry room – watch your toes he almost broke my toe zipping over it.  (he loves to terrorize Bogey with the walker) He popped a couple more teeth and is almost completely off baby food.  We are just finishing the few bags of what is left but he much prefers eating all by himself.  Eric swears he learned No this month, but I’m not quite sure.  He has also MASTERED the word Daddy…we went shopping a couple weekends ago and every man we passed he said, “Dadda?  Daaaaaddy?  Dada?”  All the couples thought he was the cutest kid ever, and of course so did I.

He hasn’t grown too much Tucker is still fitting into a lot of his 6 month clothes, they are getting snug, and fits well into the 9 month and the 12 month are still pretty big but some outfits fit nicely.  Pants have to be 12 month for length but are big around the waist.  I’m expecting a growth spurt sometime very soon.  He’s still on his great sleep pattern, down before 7 and sleeps for 10-12 hours.  This past month officially dove into the I NEED MOMMY stage.  He will be fine with someone he knows…but if I’m there he NEEDS me.  Love it when I love it and hate it when I hate it.  Makes getting things done around the house quite difficult.  He’s also becoming a bit shy around new people.  I’m not sad about that, I want strangers to be strange.  He’s a high-fiving machine and will give giant open mouth kisses now.  It’s just too cute.  By his 11 month milestone he’ll be a big cousin…I can’t wait to see how he is with K.

He’s growing up so fast, and this mama bear is so proud.  I’m more in love with my Tot everyday…he’s just the best!

Dear Tucker,
You’re 10 months old already!!  Your dad and I can’t believe that you’re almost a year old.  We began planning your first birthday party.  It’s going to be a golf theme and I designed the invitation.  We’re going all out and there’s going to be a lot of people there!  Everyone wants to celebrate you!  It’s so awesome.  You’re getting to be such a big boy and everyday you’re a little less baby, it breaks my heart and makes it swell with pride all at the same time.  You are the greatest gift I’ve left on this world.  You are an amazing little guy, and your dad and I love you so much!  We can’t even remember what life was like without your giggles, squeals, cries, and snores.   You keep us and Bogey on our toes.  You’re much more aware of your surroundings and are getting to be a little man.  I am so excited to watch you grow.  God, thank you for another passing month.  The moments have been long but the month has gone by so fast…we are blessed beyond belief.  I love you to the moon and back Tucker Tot. 



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