Little E McC is all grown up…I’m officially old.

27 10 2011

When I was a freshman in high school I was a scorekeeper for our freshman wrestling team.  I met the coach and his wife and their ADORABLE 6 month old baby girl.  We all fell in love with eachother and I was their ‘go-to’ babysitter and I loved it, I could make money doing what I loved!  They then had another baby girl who I also had the pleasure of babysitting for, and another baby girl!  I LOVED babysitting for those girls.  When I left for college I would help out when I could and as my life got busier and busier with ‘real life’ babysitting for the girls was rare but still loved to do it when I could.

There are NO, I mean no, kids (that are not my own) that love me the way that the McC girls do.  Since I have had my own busy crazy life they have even had another kid, but this time got a boy.  It breaks my heart that I will not get the chance to know H McC the way I have gotten to know the girls, but life is what it is…Sunday was a crazy day for me, busy busy busy with church stuff and at the 10:30 service E McC got confirmed…CONFIRMED I said!  That means that she is old.  After the service I was waiting for my turn to see E McC and break the news that I wouldn’t be able to come to the festivities, Tucker wasn’t feeling too great and I had so much to do at home (he ended up at the pedi with a 102 degree fever and a diagnosed ear infection cause by prolonged drainage).  I was struck by the awe’ness’ of how fast time flies by.  Each moment I have been in seemed to last forever when it was happening, but 15 years have FLEW by!   E McC has grown up to be one of the most beautiful women I know.  What’s the most beautiful is that she is beautiful on the inside and out.  She has had every opportunity to be self indulgent, and egotistical…i kid you not, she’s gorgeous and has been in tons of ads as a model, but she is so sweet and is always thinking of others.  She is a pure and wonderful girl…who I hope knows when she doesn’t want to talk to her mom about something that I will ALWAYS be here for her, and her sisters and brother.  But Mrs. McC is similar in age to me, and I have sooooooooooooooooo much respect for the way she and Mr. McC have raised their kids, I hope Tucker can be beautiful like the McC’s. When talking to Mrs. McC she told me that E McC was talking to her 1 year old brother telling him that the family was coming but best of all PATTY was coming.  This makes me feel like I’m 16 again coming to their house, but I’m not I’m 29 with my own baby, who is counting down the days til E McC is 16 and can drive to my house to babysit Tucker and his unmade unborn brother/sister….it also broke my heart to let her down.

I am drawing near to my 30th birthday.  I am not at all having woes about turning 30, although in Tucker’s 9 month pictures that we got back I can see 29 years of life in my crow’s feet eyes, I have 30 years of blessings, lessons, love, happiness and tears – all which have made me, well me.  I have a wonderful husband, beautiful healthy baby and dog, a loving home (which came with a lifetime of memories), a great job, the best family ever, and year that has helped me to find and connect on more intimate level with God.

So then why the aweing moments that I can’t believe that I’m going to be 30?  I dunno, maybe it’s because I don’t actually feel that different than I did a few months before my 25th birthday or for that matter my 19th birthday, I just don’t look 19 or 25 anymore.  I can’t believe all the moments that have lead up to this day…moments that turned into days that made up weeks that complied into months, that flew by in years and now decades!  I don’t have time to dwell on the moodiness that I know a lot of others went through at 30, I have a one year old’s birthday to plan for, and my husband’s birthday, my in laws are celebrating 40 years of marriage with a mass and brunch, christmas, thanksgiving, new years and our first vacation away from Tucker to plan for.  Who has time to dwell on how my life could be different in my 30’s, I’m just gonna sing me a little Phil Vassar, My Next Thirty Years (if you’re about to tell me it’s Tim McGraw…do your research my lover Phil wrote the song and recorded it on my ALL TIME FAVORITE cd of his) and remember that the 2% of 30 years is that there is so much yet to come, God willing.  My life is good, really good, and another birthday will hopefully just enhance that! And when I’m 30 E McC can finally be my go to babysitter!  Love it!!

Dear Tucker,
You are one of the biggest reasons why turning 30 isn’t the end all for me.  I am exactly where I wanted to be at 30, married  with at least one baby  living in our home with a stable job I enjoy.  Check. Check. Check. Check.  My life is so good, and your smile reminds me of that every single day.  There is a lot of things for us to be doing and celebrating in the next 2 months, and I can’t wait to watch you enjoy them all!  It is envitable that you will feel the overwhelming feeling of the lastingness of a moment and the quickness of the years too, know that your time is better spent counting your blessings than pining over what you don’t have.  I pray that you will have a good heart, and be beautiful on the inside too (we already know how handsome you are on the outside!) that is where it matters.  May your heart be filled with the love of God and your family, and know we’re always here for you.  I’m glad you’re feeling better you got your first ear infection and you have had a few rough nights, but these are the nights that make me realize how lucky we are that they are minimal.  You’re just the best baby!  I love you to pieces Tuckey Tot!



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