30 Day Giving Challenge – Day 1

1 11 2011

Last month I had the privilege of going to the Women of Faith Conference in Milwaukee.  It was a faith changing couple of days.  I went thinking it would be nice, and I left feeling empowered filled with the Holy Spirit and the stories of wonderful and amazing women.   One of the ministries of compassion that was ‘advertised’ was for sponsoring a child through World Vision.   At first I was going to use this as an opportunity to stretch my legs, blah blah blah sick kids, I see this on TV all the time blah blah blah…but something kept me seating.  The next 20 or so minutes, I heard a women’s story about how little she gave and how much it did for this little girl’s family, and left me in awe.  What was most empowering was that her little girl ended up giving this woman more than she ever gave her sponsored child, and that is something that a price tag could not fit on.

I knew we could fit it into our budget, (it’s only $35 a month) and then I looked down and saw the face of a little girl name Juana on my seat, and read her birthday, December 11.  (My, Eric’s, and Tucker’s birthdays are all in December) I knew it was sign from God that she belonged in our family.  She may not be blood, but we can give a little bit of our money to do a lot for her.  Today is the day that I make our monthly donation.  I am also going to write Juana her first letter from us.  I have been meaning to do that and have not found the time.  I will make time tonight and give a letter to a little girl who needs just a very very small piece of all that God has given me to do more for her than it could ever do for me.

I invite you to look through World Vision’s website and sponsor your own child and give hope, help, and God’s gift of giving to someone who needs it.




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