30 Day Giving Challenge – Day 2

2 11 2011

Today I am going to be giving my time.  I am heading over to my friend’s house to help get things all ready for her triplet’s birthday party.  My friend Mel has ideas and dreams far bigger than the time she has to accomplish them.  So a bunch of us are marching warrior style to help do what we can to make sure this weekend is all she has envisioned it to be.  Mel is someone who has done more for me than money could ever buy.  She has given a lot to a lot of people through her writing while she tries to find a new normal in her life.  So tonight, time is what I give to my friend Mel.
Have you joined the Challenge?  It’s not too late…join the Giving Challenge and give in the Name of the Lord.  Today I got an email from the Women of Faith Daily Refreshment and it was a wonderful refreshment about how God will pay for it Let me share with you…

God Will Pay
by Renie E.
I purchased six Jesus Calling books with the spiritual understanding that God would lead me to who needed the books. I only have one left. I gave the books to people I feel God directed me to, one of them being my hairdresser, a man. This was very unexpected and I can’t wait until he starts reading it. It will be interesting to see the conversations it will open up. What an opportunity to witness—it is so much fun!
I was walking with another friend who was sharing her troubles and I said “I have a book for you.” She offered to pay for it but I said, “No, God will pay for it.” This is goose pimple true: about 10 to 15 steps after that we saw, on the sidewalk, a $20 bill face up between us. (Not wrinkled—and no one was in sight.)
I said “He not only paid for your book, you have someone else who needs the book.” (Cost of book=$9.99 so $20 covers two books.) Sure enough she did have a friend in need.
When I said “God will pay for it,” I had no idea that He literally would, on a sidewalk—and immediately after saying it!! He is just incredible.

God Bless and Happy Giving!




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