30 Day Giving Challenge – Day 3

3 11 2011

This morning my dad gave me a gift.  He was listening to a Christian XM channel and overheard a discussion about being a young married couple.  He was so moved by their message he contacted the company and purchased a copy of the broadcast.  He gave my sister and I both a copy.  He wasn’t implying anything, just thought that a little more God never hurt anyone.  Isn’t that just the truth…I’m a lucky girl to never be far from my dad’s thoughts.  (:

I found out about a deal for national sandwich day yesterday and Jimmy Johns was selling $1 subs.  I made sure to share my good find with everyone that I knew.  I invited my FIL to come with me and I bought his sub.  Nothing too exciting or expensive, but today I gave my FIL his lunch.  There was  a long line to get the subs so we got to have some time to chit chat.  I know that a lot of people don’t get along with their inlaws, but I adore mine.  I couldn’t have gotten a better 2nd family.  I enjoy our time with them so much, they are a gift from God that continues to bless me.




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