30 Day Giving Challenge – Day 5

7 11 2011

Today was also a very busy day.  It was quite exhausting…it was the triplet’s birthday party, I was crossing my fingers that the day would go well and Tucker would be in good spirits for the party.  It was a great day.  But the end of the day came and where had my giving been?  I gave thoughtful gifts, packaged in owenge buckets (owen), lime green paper (logan) and a winter blue bag (weston) but that was so atypical giving…who goes to a bday party without a gift?  So we got home got Tucker down and I gave Eric a massage.  It’s something that he asks for  on a regular basis, and most nights I am just plain exhausted and the last thing I want to do is rub his head, or calves.  But tonight I did it without him having to ask.  So tonight I gave my husband a rub.




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