30 Day Giving Challenge – Day 6

7 11 2011

Today I gave to my church.  I love my church.  It is such an amazing place filled with some of God’s most wonderfully devout followers.  I learn so much from my church family and love them so dearly.  I love working with our youth and have been a volunteer for years now helping with Children’s Church.  This morning was my first Sunday of the month commitment.  I love hearing the innocent things the kids say, and the way they look at the world.

This Sunday was extra special my little cousin asked if she could help  me teach Children’s Church.  I thought that was a great way to help teach her all the different ways to give back to the One who has given so much to each of us.  I am pretty involved in our church and find it to be such a sanctuary for me.  Pastor Jay has been blessed with such an amazing gift of preaching, and touch hundreds every week with special way he can relate the bible to each of us.  There have been more sermons than not that I have left church thinking, “How did Pastor Jay know I NEEDED to hear that today?”

If you’re in the Richfield/Hubertus/Germantown area or beyond and are looking for a wonderful place to worship, I’d like to invite you to visit Shepherd of The Hills at one of our services, Sunday 8:30 & 10:30 or Monday nights at 6:30 pm.  There are countless ways to get involved in some of our small group ministries, community outreach programs, children’s ministries, etc.  We’d love to have you be part of our growing church family!




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