30 Day Giving Challenge – Day 7

8 11 2011

Another busy busy day with the Gitter crew, and Tucker has decided that daylight savings time is just not for him, and up before 5 is just not jiving well with me.  We have a baby shower to go to this weekend for one of my sister’s bff’s.  It’s been a while since I got to enjoy a baby shower as a spectator.  So I got home from work feed a fairly crabby Tucker, waited til Eric got home and off LeAnne and I went to Buy Buy Baby.  I lent (I know bad bad bad) my breast pump to Kristin, who had my niece last weekend because I don’t need it anymore and I have two of them.  I know she was having some issues, with the membranes so I offered to pick her up some from BBB.  I know it’s not much, but as a new mom, uncomfortable, and trying to adjust to a new normal can be overwhelming.  So I offered to pick up the pieces for her.  She was appreciative and it’s something that gave her more cuddle time with K and E.

Again giving doesn’t have to be a big thing, it can just be recognizing when someone needs just a little something.  I came across this article online…it’s great

A researcher at the University of Oregon recently conducted a study on the brain effects of donating money to a cause.  In the study, the researchers gave subjects $100 and watched their brain activity via FMRI as the subjects were shown their money being transferred from their account directly to a foodbank’s account.  Then they did the same thing but allowed the subjects to choose how to spend their money. Full Text can be downloaded here.

In the automatic transfer of funds to the foodbank, pleasure areas of the brain (that are traditionally stimulated by food, sex, sweets, shelter and social connection) were significantly activated.  In the second part of the study when the subject chose to donate the money, the effect was even greater.

Happy Giving Everyone!




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