11 months old

18 11 2011

Tucker turned 11 months old last week.  I can’t believe he’s almost a year already!  A friend of mine from high school had her baby a little bit before Tucker and we FB’ed all throughout our pregnancies and she sent me a comment “I can’t believe our babies are going to be a year old soon! This year has been the fastest and best year of my life!” That’s pretty much how I feel.  At 11 months old, we only have weeks left with our (fill in the blank) month old baby, from Dec 13th on when people ask how old he is I’ll have to say 1.  We’re almost in years!  wow!  So this month has been another super fun and challenging month:

Tucker is talking up a storm.  He called bogey booogg, has started pointing at things with the correct pointer finger.  He squels with joy when he sees a ball and says baaaw.  He has left his wonderful daycare as we have found an EVEN MORE WONDERFUL college girl who comes to the house to watch Tucker.  It’s been one of the best transitions yet!  We love her!  He climbs up on everything and has figured out how to open cabinet doors, so we leave one cabinet open in the living room and hide his binky box in there.  It’s a new adventure everytime he opens it up!  He also has started screaming, and I mean LOUD screaming when he’s having a good time but tired.  This habit I am trying to kick.  He has gotten more bumps and bruises this month than almost his entire life put together…he’s so fearless and wants to learn about everything whether he’s ready for them or not.  He snuggles more this month, at least with me and I love it!  His dexterity and eating skills have gotten so refined this month, for the most part I can give him big things and he will just naw on them…I gave him an entire piece of bread and he just nawed off little bites until it was done.  He is able to see and pick up the most microscopic things on the floor and it doesn’t matter if Eric and I would vacuum 6 times a day, he would still find something and into the mouth.  He’s more work this month than he was in the beginning.  He’s just now growing out of his 6 month onesies and the 9 month t shirts fit pretty well, but he needs 12 month pants cause he’s pretty tall.

So for the most part that’s our month in a nutshell.  Life is Good as a Gitter and we’re super busy until about February now!  Party, Christmas, New Year’s, Vacation, and 5 year Anniversary planning until then!


Dear Tucker,
Another month with you has passed and I can’t believe how old you’re getting with every passing month.  This month you’ve really started to look more and more like your daddy, therefore like your Papa.  (:  We’ve had a lot of fun doing things with you this month and next month we’ll be celebrating your first birthday!   We’re so excited.  I can’t believe how much more you’re able to communicate your needs with me this month, you tell me when you’re all done, when you’re hungry, when you want something, you’re so adventurous and such a stinker pot.  You know when you do something naughty and we scold you, you make the cutest pouty face and hold it for over a minute and then giggle…and we can’t help but giggle too.  You continue to bring so much joy into our days by just being you.  You’re just the best baby ever and this mommy loves you to pieces!  I thank God everyday for the time we have with you…you and our time is a gift from Him that continues to be our greatest blessing.



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