Tucker’s 1st Birthday Party

23 12 2011

Last weekend we gathered with a ton of family and friends to celebrate Tucker’s First Birthday.  For some reason, I have this fascination with pirates, (it’s going to be the theme in Tucker’s big boy room/playroom) and I wanted to do a Pirate themed birthday for him, when I mentioned this to Eric, he shrugged his shoulders and said whatever I want is fine.  I really wanted Eric to be involved and excited about the day so I decided that maybe Pirates wasn’t the right theme, and suggested a golf theme…and I could see a spark of excitement in Eric’s eyes so off we went to plan the party.  First things first, the invitation.  I couldn’t find one that I liked on line, I found a bunch of them (a little from this one and a little from that one) so I decided to design it myself with my CS5 program.  Here is what the finished product looked like:

i was really pleased with how it turned out.  The obvious color scheme was blue (sky) and green (grass) and I chose owenge as the accent color.  So in the mail they went and planning a party for the weekend before Christmas we were prepared for just the 3 of us to be there, but low and behold there were about 65 of our family and friends who came to celebrate with us!

The pictures below tell the story of the day…hover your cursor over the pictures to read the caption for each picture…

All and all it was one of the best days ever! Although my mom is fired from making sure Tucker gets a good nap on busy days like this he held up awesome for only getting about an hour nap.

I’d like to make quite a few VERY SPECIAL thank yous – Thank so much to my parents and in laws – you all helped out so much, bringing food and helping with the costs, watching Tucker, and setting up – you’re all such a blessing to us!  Thank you SOOOOO much to Eric’s Aunt Mary – I have said it before but I honestly don’t know people do big events without an Aunt Mary – she assembled all the gift bags and all the pieces in them, she made food, helped set up, helped clean up and was running around the whole party helping to make sure all went smooth!  She’s an angel to us and we love her so much!  Thank you to to one of my BFF’s Tiffany who came down early for the Packer game and ended up helping me set everything up and brought yummy taco dip and chips & salsa – I really appreciate your help dude!  Thanks to my brother who made a huge pasta salad, my Aunt Barb who made delicious cucumber sandwiches.  Thank you to the Buschke’s who did an OUTSTANDING job on Tucker’s smash cake and the cookies!  (If you want them to do the bakery for your next event contact Mandy at buschkem@yahoo.com) Thank you so much to my sister and Matt – they made food and helped out cleaning up and area ALWAYS there for us!  We love you guys!  Thank you so much to Eric’s friend Mike and his wife Trish who helped us have a great time and also helped with the big haul of cleaning up and doing dishes – it was soo much appreciated – looking forward to the Rose Bowl party!  Another special thank you is to my friend Danielle who came out with her adorable daughter (who is 1 day older than my niece) Tucker loves her daughter and they play so well together – she was a super help with a million little things that day – especially helping me clean up Tucker after his cake (which he looked like he gobbled up the emerald city!)

God has blessed us with the most wonderful year!  I am sad to see it go next week but am so excited that we have another year to grow in our love for eachother and our love for God.  I’ve been asked if we’re doing this every year -cause we set the bar high- and the answer is no.  From this birthday forward it’s just family hanging out until Tucker’s in school and he has a friend’s party.  This party was for us, the adults who have had the pleasure of watching Tucker grow up this year, and celebrating something that unfortunately not everyone gets, but we did.  I celebrate the life and smile of our nearly perfect baby boy.  May next year bring a whole new ocean of blessings and life lessons.

Happy Birthday my little Tuckey-roo – mommy loves you so much!

Dear Tucker,
So we made it through your first birthday par-tee!  It seems like you really enjoyed yourself…you were such a good boy considering that you had barely any nap and there were more people gathered around you than there ever have been before.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time celebrating this last year that God has given us with you.  I am so proud to be your mom, I now understand the overwhelming feeling of pride and smoothing feeling knowing that the best part of me is walking among us – you.  You’re one of my most treasured gifts.  We’ve learned a lot together this year and have grown leaps and bounds in life, love, and most importantly faith.  Your birthday falls so close to Jesus’ birthday – and giving birth to you so close to December 25th has given me a new appreciation for the miracle of Jesus Christ the newborn child born in a manger.  I can’t imagine what Mary was feeling giving birth to God’s son, the Savior who would save the world.  I rock you and think that God’s son was little like you one day 2010 years ago, true human flesh and blood, what an amazing and awing thought.  I am thankful that you and I and all that we love are part of the continuing Story of Christ.  Thank you God for this first year with Tucker James, I pray for many many many more.  I love you so very much Tucker – my little man! 

Taaaa-da….Tucker James is ONE year old!

15 12 2011

Courtesy of McManigal Photography

I remember it like it was yesterday the day Tucker was born.  The smell of the hospital, the unusual calmness that I had, the hospital gown that looked like a tent…oh yeah that is because it was a tent I was HUGE!  I kept looking at the clock remembering exactly what we were doing at that time, oh last year my water had just broken, or your Uncle Jon & Aunt K-K just got to my room to visit, or your Grandma and Auntie were plastered to the door waiting to meet you!

The day began with Tucker sleeping in til just before I had to leave for work and my  mom came over to play with him.  They went to visit my Giea at The Ridge and had lunch at Perkins and apparently he LOVED the meatloaf…so my kid!  I got off of work at noon and did a couple errands and then went home he got to see his Uncle DJ and then mom, Tucker and I did a few more errands and then went back home to stir dinner and set the table.  We took out Tucker’s growth chart to add his first notch at 29 1/2″ on 12/13/11 and celebrated with our immediate family over dinner .  It was so nice to be surrounded by our family just like we were a year ago.  There is so much to celebrate…we did have a few almost catastrophes as you can see in the first 45 seconds of the video,

Tucker’s First Birthday Cupcake Adventure

but we all made it through and Tucker went down about 8 pm.  I can’t believe that I no longer have a baby, we have a 1 year old.  I can’t believe how fast this year has gone, I can’t believe how much fun and quirky he is.  It feels like he’s always been here and it’s so hard to remember life before Tucker.  Before we know it he’ll be walking then running then school then poof he’ll be married and then having little Tucker’s of his own.  Until then I’m gonna just enjoy today…the wonders that God has given me today.  I am truly blessed beyond belief, how did I get so lucky?

So here are this month’s milestones:

He has MASTERED stair climbing and also loves to climb on boxes, he is talking talking talking – mama, dada, bear, booog, deer, vroom, antee, me, baba (bottle) blblbl (blankie) SSSSSSSSSta (santa), more, no no no, yeah, yessss – he’s talking a million miles a minute…I wonder where he gets that from??!?!?  He has taken a few steps but freaks out when he realizes that he is standing on his own, he has gotten really into his toy cars and understands what is his and the dogs, he will pick up bogey’s toys and say booog’s.  He is testing boundaries all the time and is always looking for the door to the bathrooms to be open just a crack so he can maneuver his way into where he shouldn’t be.  We just started transitioning him to drinking whole milk…eh, not really digging it.

So that’s our month looking forward to updating again soon with all good things Christmas.  This is Tucker’s 2nd official Christmas but he was pretty uneventful last year, and I was still in a bit of pain, so we’re really living it up this year!

Merry Christmas Everyone (:

Dear Tucker,
I can’t believe that you are one year old!  I am so proud to be your mom, you are a beacon of light for everyone you meet.  Today was such a fun day with you. You have changed so much over this year and I am loving each new stage you’re entering into, although they can be a bit overwhelming, I love them!  The day you were born was, well wonderful, you are such a good even toned baby, and you really have been since day one.  I just know that my day as a parent is coming and I will have to answer for all the awful things I did to my parents, but for now, you’re just about as close to perfect as a baby can be.  Happy Birthday my little Tuckey-roo.  I love you. 

30 Day Giving Challenge – recap

2 12 2011

So I know I missed the last six days of blogging through the 30 day giving challenge, but I tell you life is just soo busy in the gitter household!  The last 6 days of the giving challenge ranged from giving n/a sparking cider that I had bought for the upcoming holiday festivites to the Hennes Thanksgiving so the kids could do a more real wine toast to making a phone call to a friend who I just thought needed some extra love that day.  I am sorry that I was such a slacker, but the time I can escape to the office to get on the computer is limited and my phone just doesn’t do as many things as the computer.

The 30 day giving challenge has been eye opening to me, there were days where I literally had to think of something that I gave to someone, and it really never took long to think of something small that I did without even thinking about it.  I thought that it may have been easier to outrightly give when I actually got out of the house everyday.  So I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do this, but our family gives a lot more than I thought…and you know what??  I’d put money on the fact that yours does too.  I think that I consciously smile  at strangers more and notice a little bit more when an elderly person needs help with their groceries.  My mission in life is to strive to live a Godly life, a kind of life that I would be proud to have my son follow.

Dear Tucker,
My prayer for you is that you grow to be a giving and generous man.  You have so many men in your life who are good strong generous Christian men who you can lean on and learn from.  They are pillars in  my life and are in yours too.  Follow their examples on giving  they offer so many different ways to give their: money, time, possessions, talents, knowledge, and advice.  You are so lucky to know and learn from these men (in case you didn’t know I’m talking about your dad, grandpa, papa, uncle DJ, Uncle Matt and Godfather Jon) they each have such different strengths that you can draw from.  Open your eyes to the needs of others in this world and when you give of yourself I pray that you see the face of God.  I love you Tuckey-roo.