30 Day Giving Challenge – recap

2 12 2011

So I know I missed the last six days of blogging through the 30 day giving challenge, but I tell you life is just soo busy in the gitter household!  The last 6 days of the giving challenge ranged from giving n/a sparking cider that I had bought for the upcoming holiday festivites to the Hennes Thanksgiving so the kids could do a more real wine toast to making a phone call to a friend who I just thought needed some extra love that day.  I am sorry that I was such a slacker, but the time I can escape to the office to get on the computer is limited and my phone just doesn’t do as many things as the computer.

The 30 day giving challenge has been eye opening to me, there were days where I literally had to think of something that I gave to someone, and it really never took long to think of something small that I did without even thinking about it.  I thought that it may have been easier to outrightly give when I actually got out of the house everyday.  So I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do this, but our family gives a lot more than I thought…and you know what??  I’d put money on the fact that yours does too.  I think that I consciously smile  at strangers more and notice a little bit more when an elderly person needs help with their groceries.  My mission in life is to strive to live a Godly life, a kind of life that I would be proud to have my son follow.

Dear Tucker,
My prayer for you is that you grow to be a giving and generous man.  You have so many men in your life who are good strong generous Christian men who you can lean on and learn from.  They are pillars in  my life and are in yours too.  Follow their examples on giving  they offer so many different ways to give their: money, time, possessions, talents, knowledge, and advice.  You are so lucky to know and learn from these men (in case you didn’t know I’m talking about your dad, grandpa, papa, uncle DJ, Uncle Matt and Godfather Jon) they each have such different strengths that you can draw from.  Open your eyes to the needs of others in this world and when you give of yourself I pray that you see the face of God.  I love you Tuckey-roo. 



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27 12 2011

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