Taaaa-da….Tucker James is ONE year old!

15 12 2011

Courtesy of McManigal Photography

I remember it like it was yesterday the day Tucker was born.  The smell of the hospital, the unusual calmness that I had, the hospital gown that looked like a tent…oh yeah that is because it was a tent I was HUGE!  I kept looking at the clock remembering exactly what we were doing at that time, oh last year my water had just broken, or your Uncle Jon & Aunt K-K just got to my room to visit, or your Grandma and Auntie were plastered to the door waiting to meet you!

The day began with Tucker sleeping in til just before I had to leave for work and my  mom came over to play with him.  They went to visit my Giea at The Ridge and had lunch at Perkins and apparently he LOVED the meatloaf…so my kid!  I got off of work at noon and did a couple errands and then went home he got to see his Uncle DJ and then mom, Tucker and I did a few more errands and then went back home to stir dinner and set the table.  We took out Tucker’s growth chart to add his first notch at 29 1/2″ on 12/13/11 and celebrated with our immediate family over dinner .  It was so nice to be surrounded by our family just like we were a year ago.  There is so much to celebrate…we did have a few almost catastrophes as you can see in the first 45 seconds of the video,

Tucker’s First Birthday Cupcake Adventure

but we all made it through and Tucker went down about 8 pm.  I can’t believe that I no longer have a baby, we have a 1 year old.  I can’t believe how fast this year has gone, I can’t believe how much fun and quirky he is.  It feels like he’s always been here and it’s so hard to remember life before Tucker.  Before we know it he’ll be walking then running then school then poof he’ll be married and then having little Tucker’s of his own.  Until then I’m gonna just enjoy today…the wonders that God has given me today.  I am truly blessed beyond belief, how did I get so lucky?

So here are this month’s milestones:

He has MASTERED stair climbing and also loves to climb on boxes, he is talking talking talking – mama, dada, bear, booog, deer, vroom, antee, me, baba (bottle) blblbl (blankie) SSSSSSSSSta (santa), more, no no no, yeah, yessss – he’s talking a million miles a minute…I wonder where he gets that from??!?!?  He has taken a few steps but freaks out when he realizes that he is standing on his own, he has gotten really into his toy cars and understands what is his and the dogs, he will pick up bogey’s toys and say booog’s.  He is testing boundaries all the time and is always looking for the door to the bathrooms to be open just a crack so he can maneuver his way into where he shouldn’t be.  We just started transitioning him to drinking whole milk…eh, not really digging it.

So that’s our month looking forward to updating again soon with all good things Christmas.  This is Tucker’s 2nd official Christmas but he was pretty uneventful last year, and I was still in a bit of pain, so we’re really living it up this year!

Merry Christmas Everyone (:

Dear Tucker,
I can’t believe that you are one year old!  I am so proud to be your mom, you are a beacon of light for everyone you meet.  Today was such a fun day with you. You have changed so much over this year and I am loving each new stage you’re entering into, although they can be a bit overwhelming, I love them!  The day you were born was, well wonderful, you are such a good even toned baby, and you really have been since day one.  I just know that my day as a parent is coming and I will have to answer for all the awful things I did to my parents, but for now, you’re just about as close to perfect as a baby can be.  Happy Birthday my little Tuckey-roo.  I love you. 



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