Deal Finda!

8 02 2012

I’m a coupon cutter.  I love to organize my coupons and bust out my Excel Spreadsheet and mix and match my groceries to find the best deals.  I wish I had more time to really dedicate to it, there are times when I have to do it on the fly, but going in with a plan definitely helps keep on budget for the month.  Well with that being said, I also love to find a great deal and let’s face it FREE IS ME, why pay for a fabulous product when you can win it???

Well I went with a couple of different friends to look at double strollers a while back and loved the Stroll-Air stroller, it was sleek and light weight and could fit in doorways, it was able to adapt to 2 different aged kids or 2 kids of the same age, and it was just overall AWESOME!  Well so is the price tag, $799.  But a good stroller is worth it’s weight in gold I have found with the ones that we have right now, so when it’s time we will splurge, unless that is we are lucky enough to win the STROLL-AIR MY DUO in GREEN!!!  here’s this fancy guy…

what a great steal…this is an opportunity to win a $799 stroller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Hop on board my fellow bloggers, here are the instructions:

2012 Dragons’ Den (or Year of the Dragon) Giveaway! 🙂
Yes, our episode will air in March and we are sooooo excited! Thus, decided to giveaway our newest product STROLL-AIR MY DUO in GREEN!!!

US$799.99 VALUE!!!
Blog about it, Tweet about it, Facebook about it!
But most importantly let us know that you did (by POSTING the link on our Facebook wall (please note you must LIKE our page in order to comment).

Every blog post counts as 3 points (post a comment below on our EVENTS page:
“I blogged about Stroll-Air My Duo Green Giveaway. Here is a link: http://www.______(enter a link to your blog post)”. Blog post must include link to our website and a link to our Facebook page ;

Every Tweet, counts as 1 point (comment below on our EVENTS page:
“I tweeted about Stroll-Air My Duo Giveaway. Here is a link: http://www.______(enter a link to your tweet post)”. Please no more than one tweet per hour.

Comment below why you would choose Stroll-Air My Duo over any other double stroller for additional 1 point entry.

Bring a friend to LIKE our page, ask them to post below: “I was referred _____ (person, blog, Facebook page)” for additional 1 point entry. 

Contest open to residents of Canada and continental US.
Must be 18 or over to win.
Please do not duplicate posts (no same post every hour on tweeter, one blog post per week).
Winner will be chosen on March 31, 2012. 🙂

Isn’t this awesome???  BTW you need to let them know that Patty Gitter referred you on their FB page!  Good Luck friends!




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