10 Week Awareness Challenge

4 05 2012

So I’ve seen a lot of great challenges out there that I have been very interested in, and lately I have been having these crazy vivid pregnancy dreams, (my friend Amanda can vouch) and I had one last night that called me to do more.  Oddly enough there are people from all over the world reading about our family, I don’t know if this will do anything or not, but I feel like it’s my calling right now.

There are a million different Awarness things out there, and since I was introduced to Mel’s blog a year ago, I have been so much more intrigued by blogs.  I have come across a lot of them, and have also become so much more aware of what their Awareness or Heart Org is.  (Heart Org is an organization that is at the heart of each of these blogs).   Every Friday for the next 10 weeks I am going to use my blog to bring Awareness to a cause or Heart Org that has touched me through reading other people’s blogs and my own experiences.

I hope that you learn more about each of these Heart Orgs, and are moved to do something in your own way to promote, fund raise, or just pray for the individuals and families that are living these awareness’s.




let me know what you think...

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