Week 3 – K-Love Radio

18 05 2012

It’s no secret that I am strong in my faith.  It’s easy to be in my life right now, I have an abundance of wonderful things that are happening and have happened in my life.  But I never stop thinking that it’s going to come…I’m going to get a tough card, a real crappy card.  Maybe not as crappy as some that others I know and I love have been dealt but I try and practice a strong faith to carry me through those times when they arrive.  Not everyone I love will be with me forever, that’s a given.  In week 1 – be an organ donor and week 2 – be a blood donor I share about what you can do now while you’re here – give blood and save a life, and when it’s my time or your time, be an organ donor and give life to someone (or someones) else.

Over the last year, I have begun to dig a little deeper into my faith and found that what I was listening to (although I still love Taylor Swift and Matchbox Twenty) wasn’t satisfying a need I had – I was looking to be more inspired to be a better mom, wife, and woman.  On the way home from a trip to Illinois years ago I came across a radio station called K-Love, it was a Christian radio station and they were doing a pledge drive and I listened to the stories about how it changed their lives, and as I drove over the Wisconsin border the station went to static and went back to the usual 106.1 – jamming to songs about rednecks, love, loss, and drinking.  (:  I always remembered that, and about a year ago I was flipping channels and I found that K-Love is here…closer to home!

I started to listen more frequently until now, that it’s rare that K-Love isn’t on the radio when I am in the car or bathroom.  Tucker likes to turn on Jesus Music on the radio and we jam together.  One of the songs that really got me to understand that Christian music isn’t just old school gospel 20 minute songs – was a song by Francesca Battistelli, “This is the Stuff” it spoke to me and I spent days on Google looking for the song with just a couple words that rang in my head.

It’s my bad day inspiration, and because of her music I was introduced to The Story – a concert I went to with my mom for my birthday – it was one of the most moving and inspiring nights!  Listening to more and more K-Love opened me to a whole new world of music that spoke to soul, made me count my blessings, and still allowed rhythm and beat that I could (off beat of course) bounce my head back and forth with and belt out the words.   I love listening to K-Love, it has changed my outlook on life, I’ve always been effervescent – but not always grateful.  I am everyday and when I get in my car I always say, “I need to start with a little God” and I sing on my 4 minute ride to work or listen to the DJ’s talk about what’s going on in the world.  I love that their news stories are uplifting and inspiring – there are A LOT of those stories out there…it’s not just car accidents, murders and politics people!  There are tons of people, young and old, reaching out and changing the world and sharing The Story of Jesus Christ!

This week I encourage each of you to listen to the music and stories shared on K-Love…it’s wonderful.  I have even found a number of devotionals (Proverbs 31 Ministries – Week 4 preview) that I follow and have posted numerous of them to my Facebook Wall.  I love how God has put his words to music and reached out to me.  He can do the same for you.  Come listen to the words of these talented singers – they sing about pain, loss, love, compassion, gratefulness, blessings, heartache, and The Promise made to each one of us.  If you’re so moved, please make a donation to K-Love and keep your station fully funded – it’s easy to do and the money you give them goes to help heal countless others through the ministries of K-Love – listen really listen to the stories during the next Fundraising Drive, they will make you smile a smile only God can create.

Dear Tucker,
This week I’m advocating K-Love radio, the station that we are always listening to in the car and the songs that we dance to (well when we’re not dancing to Elmo or Sesame Street theme song).  K-Love has been an outlet for my bad days, blessings, and a place where I cry thinking about the heartaches that those I love have endured here on Earth.  I love that you and I can listen to songs and stories on K-Love and together get to know our Christ better.  Music is a special gift He gave us.  Although I have no musical talent but to listen to it – you on the other hand have some opportunity in the gene pool.  I love that I know more songs on Sundays at Church and I love that God allows me to hear a song and let the abundance of blessings I have come right out my eye balls.  You are one of those abundant blessings – everyday you bless me more and more (well some days you help me count the blessings of being a working mom away from home).  Let the light of Christ shine in your heart forever, you’re His child on loan to me and dad – and it’s wonderful!  I love you Tuckey-Tot!!



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25 05 2012
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