Week 4 – Proverbs 31 Ministries

25 05 2012

So last week I talked about K-Love Radio.  Well this week I’m going to tell you about a daily devotional that I get emailed to me everyday that I heard about on K-Love.  It’s called Proverbs 31, and I hear their infomercials on K-Love all the time.  I must admit that it probably took months of stopping what I was doing and listening to them for me to actually find them on the web.

But alas, I did find them and I have signed up to have their Devotions emailed to me.  I look forward to them everyday.  Some of them sing more loudly to me than others, but my FB wall is flooded with them as they inspire me.  I’ve written about an old friend on here before, and there have been some amazing devotionals that have put me in a place today where I don’t sulk about loosing her, still I wonder what I did – but I  know that if we’re what I have thought us to be, God will find a way for our paths to connect again.  Some of my favorites with excerpts:

The Three Marriage Lies

That’s when I first started hearing the 3 lies:

• I married the wrong person.
• He should make me feel loved.
• There is someone else better out there.

I stopped believing the marriage lies and replaced them with 3 marriage truths:

• Having a good marriage is more about being the right partner than having the right partner.
• Love is a decision.
• The grass isn’t greener on the other side. It’s greener where you water and fertilize it.

Interrupt Me

I’m thankful for interruptions; some of the most memorable moments have been unexpected. God wants to interrupt us for His purposes, inviting Him and others into our lives in unexpected ways.

What my checkbook says about me

Holding on to our money with an open hand shows we trust God. He’s given us everything we have: our health, our jobs, our homes and our financial resources. Giving back to Him shows we trust that His Word is true, and we trust God to provide for our needs.

Timely Gifts for Our Children

“You expect her to have the faith of a 44 year old when she’s only 14!”

Ouch. My husband hit the nail on the head. I want our children to grasp hold of our faith, yet it is hard to know how to do this in a way they can receive. I often make the mistake of wanting our kids to understand and act on my faith like I do but, like my husband reminded me, they’re only teenagers.

Life is busy and time seems short. I want to make the most of the precious moments I have as a mom, yet not preach every time I open my mouth.

These are just a few of the ones that I have bookmarked or Pinned.  These devotionals have spoken to me or made me think of a friend or family member who is going through what they talk about.  These devotionals have helped to clear my head, whether it’s clouded with thoughts about my Son or brewing baby, my husband, my family, my friends, lost relationships, money, commitments, Church or anything else I believe that God puts those devotionals in my Inbox everyday to speak to me.  It’s a wonderful way to start my day with scripture, a story, and prayer.  My family did a women’s Christian book study.  We all did pretty good, but life got in the way more often than we wanted.  I think that I’m going to talk to my family women again, and have them subscribe to Proverbs 31 Ministries and we can get together and share our stories that correlate with bible verses and pray for eachother…I of course will not get to partake in the wine for a while, but I do know how this will hopefully end up – a little bitty perfect baby who turns into a crazy toddler!  The lack of wine I can handle, for now.  (:

I have really enjoyed reading these devotions, if you’re my FB friend you can obviously tell.  I like to share these things with my friends and hope that they will be inspired like I was.  So this week, head on over to Proverbs 31 website and subscribe to their site, it’s made quite the difference in mine.

Dear Tucker,
This week I’m talking about Proverbs 31 Ministries, I love starting my day with them, I roll over and check my email on my phone and I read the bible verse, story and prayer.  So many days they start my day with a collected head before I head into my days of chaos – at home or at work.  I love hearing other’s stories about parenting, and how they’ve had their ups and downs, it makes me feel that I might just be doing an okay job.  There was a PIN that I saw today that said, “Don’t Let Yourself Be So Concerned With Raising A Good Kid That You Forget That You Have One” I instantly thought of you.  Mel told me the other day that I’m too hard on how I see you in the world.  I’m such a typical first time mom and you’re such a typical first child – I react to everything you say and do instantly and over analyze everything!  It’s just what my Type A first time personality does.  You really are such a great kid and these devotionals help me to recognize that.  Today’s the day that we find out if you’re getting a brother or sister, I know that you really have no clue how much our world will change, but know, please know that I will always love you with everything that I have and God gives moms enough love for all her children.  I love love love love you so much Tuckey!  You’re going to be the best big brother ever!





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