And boom goes the tire

27 07 2012

It’s been a week now since one of the most emotionally draining, up/down, days of my life.  We’re working a summer schedule at work now so it’s long days with EO Friday off, and I try to pack a ton of fun and activities into them.  We started our day at the zoo with one of my longest and dearest friends and her 2 kids.  The kids had a blast, and Tucker knew more animals that I thought he did…Ah, thank you Katherine for working with him on this!  After a few hours Tucker and I headed home, about a half hour or so later than I planned, and he passed out cold.

I was later than I planned, the story of my life, but timing – it’s such a crazy thing cause if I had been on time I wouldn’t have had to deal with a blown tire on the express way.  If only I had stayed 5 minutes longer, or left 5 minutes earlier, or been on time – that beater car wouldn’t have swerved in front of me and dropped his muffler from the bottom of his car into my left front tire – causing it to blow and left me stranded, 7 months pregnant with a sleeping 19 month old in the car.

This isn’t the first time, I’ve dealt with chaos on the highway, when I was in college I hit a deer at 80+ mph and had to pull over…the deer hobbled off and I was left stranded, until the police and my dad came to help me.

You know what though, in both cases, I never felt alone – or stranded as I say.  I knew that God was with me.  He gave me a sense of calmness, that I needed to get through – He helped me to clear my head and think – what do I do now…get my car over as far as I possibly can.  DONE.  Call my dad have him come get us, a tow truck will take forever.  DONE.  Call Eric let him know what’s going on, but we’re okay get info on roadside assistance.  DONE.  Call roadside assistance and get tow to the car.  DONE.  Get Tucker’s car seat released and get him out and into Dad’s car.  DONE.  Reattach Tucker’s seat in Dad’s car and buckle him back in.  DONE.  Get the H outta there before our luck runs out.  DONE.  The tow truck came 2 hours later to get the van the police told me.  So glad I didn’t stick around for that.

I’m not really a calm rational person in real life, but when God intervenes he brings me exactly what I need, He brings me comfort and protection, and a clear head to figure out what to do next.  I stopped quite a few times in that 1/2 hour to say Thank You.  When I see people on the side of the Interstate I always pray for their safety, and thank goodness that it’s not me.  It was such a fear of mine…well thanks to God’s calming spirit, I did, and kept Tucker, baby, and myself safe.  I guess a little girl will never outgrow the need to have her Dad save her…and this little girl sure is lucky to have a Dad who would leave his haircut 1/2 way through to come save her and his grandson.   He did get to go back and finish his haircut.

Out of the bad there can ultimately come good, as Mr. Rogers once said, Look for the helpers.  Thanks Dad, Eric, Hillside service, and the Tow company for getting us home safely.

Dear Tucker,
What a morning it was last Friday!  You are growing up so fast, I can barely believe it!  I haven’t gotten to take you to the zoo in a year, and I believe how much fun you are there now, you know so many animals and loved to watch them move around and eat and play.  You were such a good boy with your friend S and actually listened quite well when we asked you to do something.  We tired you out and right on queue you passed out cold and stayed that way through the chaos.   God has brought a sense of peace to us in our times of need…like when you were born and were in Special Care Nursery – I put my trust in God, and He always comes through, I could feel his arms around us, then, last Friday, and everyday in between.  I hope that your dad and I are doing a good job teaching you how much God loves you, and through Him you will find strength, and clarity to get through life’s challenges, In Case You Ever Wonder.  I thank God every night for the day we get to spend together, and the gifts I have received by being your  mom.  You’re in a this crazy goofy stage and are either smiling and giggling or screaming and throwing a temper tantrum…the later is much less often, but you do a good pouty lip.  I love you and all your goofiness and love being your mom more than anything Tuckey-roo!