Pray Police

28 08 2012

Sometimes being a consistent mother pays off and sometimes it’s a real eye opener.  Tucker is at the age where he sees and hears everything, and you have no idea how much or what he is absorbing into that little spongey brain of his.  His newest thing is praying.  He’s diligent about it, and this momma couldn’t be more proud, I love when he recognizes and mimics the good things that Eric and I do with him.  (:

Every time we eat, if one of us doesn’t prompt the family prayer Tucker surely will, he looks at everyone and says “Paaay” and folds his hands – he sits with his hands folded and at the conclusion he says “Aaaamn”  It melts my heart every time.  This weekend we were at the grocery store and to keep him occupied, I got him a donut to eat while I shopped…and before he ate it we had to “Paay” and half way through we had to “Paaay” and when we were done we had to “Paaay” as proud as I am, 3 prayers for one donut  seemed a bit of an overkill.  We’ve transitioned him into a big boy bed, and when he doesn’t want to go down he asks me to “Paaay” more with him.  And when I get up, he says, “No no mama, paaay”  it’s hard to deny that cute little face, and it astonishes me that that he gets that this is something that is hard to deny him.  Such a smartie pants we have!

It made me think, what other things is he watching us do or say, Tucker isn’t a kid that sits for ANY length of time, and the TV is on a lot at our house with educational shows like Sesame Street, Super Why, and of course in prep for our trip Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…he’s never referred to water as water but always as agua – which I think he picked up on from Sesame Street – and that silly kid walks around sometimes bent forward at the hip with his fists at his sides and for the longest time I hadn’t a clue what he was doing, but one day the commercial came on and he started to Squeaka like Chica! Any parents recognize that commercial??!!

He’s just growing up so fast – I love watching him learn, I wonder how much will life change come on/around October 15th?  Can I indulge in her the way I do with Tucker in her first 20 months?  Will I be able to enjoy all of the other milestones that Tucker has coming as much as I do now?  Will he know that I still love him as much after the baby comes as I do now?  It’s crazy to think that in a few weeks give or take we’ll double the number of kids in our house – and we’re so not ready.

When I was 30 weeks pregnant with Tucker, the nursery was done, the clothes we had were washed, hung, and organized, everything had it’s place and everything that could be packed was packed for the hospital with a list of things on top of the bag to add when we had to dash.  (Although we didn’t have to dash I was induced) This time, what clothes and stuff I do have is hung, the room is half baby stuff, half our office that needs to be cleared out and moved into our room, I am still hmmm hwwwing about what I want to paint in there – and the clock is ticking away.  I hate taking my days off that I get to spend with Tucker to do chores to get ready for the baby – there is such little time left, but it has to get done…I know it does.  Am I the only mom that is concerned about things like this?  I’m not typically a foot dragger, but I can’t seem to find the umph to do what needs to be done right now, I’d rather play on the swings with Tucker and E.  Life better give my brain and body the 411 that she’s coming whether we’re ready or not!  Truth be told, I just can’t wait to see the plans God has for us and our family…Life Is Good, and we have so much to “Paaay” about and to give Thanks for.

Dear Tucker,
You’re still changing so much everyday!  I was talking with Katherine the other day about how old you’re looking, and she said she thinks you grow inches over the long weekends without her!  You’re becoming a little mimic of us and your cousins – and to watch you interact with other kids makes my heart leap.  You’re the most caring kid, you smile and wave at every person who walks past you and I want to slap the people who don’t wave back at you and yell HELLO???!!? did you not see the cutest kid in the entire world just wave at you??  But I can learn so much from you – you just let it roll off your shoulders and smile and wave at the next person, who’s day you made by blowing kisses and little toddler hand waves.  You’re so into praying these days, and I love that –  I was talking to Grandma yesterday, and was telling her how proud I am that you keep your dad and I in check and remind us to Give Thanks to God for all we have.  Those are the values I want you to remember, and our actions must be following suit with our words in that, and I am proud to be that kind of parent to you.  I pray for the upcoming transition for you and for your dad and I, I worry that life will change drastically for you and our special bond, but I promise that I will do everything in my power to still be the best mom I can be, and we will always say our goodnight and meal prayers together, that is such a special time for me.  I love you Tucker man – you’re just the very best boy in the whole entire world!



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