About My Blog

The thought of starting a blog has crossed my mind quite a few times before I actually decided to do it.  I was moved by my friend Mel to start it, her blog inspires me in so many ways.  Go and learn about her…she’s inspiring!

I have been told my more than one teacher and countless others that I had the gift of gab, and I am aware that I do.  Socialization was never a low point on the kindergarten report card.  I am a far from perfect Christian, constantly working to improve myself from the inside out, and living the dream in my 30’s.  I married my husband in February of 2007, celebrated our first anniversary by getting a puppy, in March 2010 we found out that I was pregnant with our son, and after celebrating our 5 year anniversary in the Bahamas, found out that we were expecting again in October 2012!  This is the story of our little family, the ups, downs, smiles, tears, and blessings that God has given us.  First there was me, then there was us, now there is our family.  I want to collect all my stories of motherhood to give to my children someday and share them with all our family and friends around the world!  Enjoy the ride, I know we do!








2 responses

21 05 2012
Jennifer N. Buczynski

Hi! I just found you from BabyCenter. Looks like we have some things in common! 🙂

24 05 2012

Nice to bloggy meet you Jennifer!

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