30 Day Giving Challenge – recap

2 12 2011

So I know I missed the last six days of blogging through the 30 day giving challenge, but I tell you life is just soo busy in the gitter household!  The last 6 days of the giving challenge ranged from giving n/a sparking cider that I had bought for the upcoming holiday festivites to the Hennes Thanksgiving so the kids could do a more real wine toast to making a phone call to a friend who I just thought needed some extra love that day.  I am sorry that I was such a slacker, but the time I can escape to the office to get on the computer is limited and my phone just doesn’t do as many things as the computer.

The 30 day giving challenge has been eye opening to me, there were days where I literally had to think of something that I gave to someone, and it really never took long to think of something small that I did without even thinking about it.  I thought that it may have been easier to outrightly give when I actually got out of the house everyday.  So I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to do this, but our family gives a lot more than I thought…and you know what??  I’d put money on the fact that yours does too.  I think that I consciously smile  at strangers more and notice a little bit more when an elderly person needs help with their groceries.  My mission in life is to strive to live a Godly life, a kind of life that I would be proud to have my son follow.

Dear Tucker,
My prayer for you is that you grow to be a giving and generous man.  You have so many men in your life who are good strong generous Christian men who you can lean on and learn from.  They are pillars in  my life and are in yours too.  Follow their examples on giving  they offer so many different ways to give their: money, time, possessions, talents, knowledge, and advice.  You are so lucky to know and learn from these men (in case you didn’t know I’m talking about your dad, grandpa, papa, uncle DJ, Uncle Matt and Godfather Jon) they each have such different strengths that you can draw from.  Open your eyes to the needs of others in this world and when you give of yourself I pray that you see the face of God.  I love you Tuckey-roo. 

30 Day Giving Challenge – Day 23

23 11 2011

It’s been a pretty tough time for quite a few people in my life.  So today in my giving, I’d like to ask each of you to give a few moments of your day and pray for our family friends.

Brad & Barb Courtney have been friends of our family for a very long time and a few days ago Brad’s brother suddenly passed away returning home from business.  His obituary was beautifully written and my mom said the service was a great celebration of a Godly man.   Courtney, Robert W., Jr. Went to see Jesus on November 18, 2011, at the age of 58. Survived by his wife Anne (nee Bradley), sons John (Siugi), James and Robert III, brother Brad (Barbara), nieces Brooke, Sarah, and Megan, and father Robert (Eunice) Courtney. Preceded in death by his mother Frances.  In lieu of flowers, memorials in Bob’s name can be made to Eastbrook Church-Missions or Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU). Bob was president of Courtney Industrial Battery. He was dedicated to spreading the hope and love of the Lord Jesus Christ around the world. “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this is not of ourselves, it is the gift of God” Ephesians 2:8

I pray that when it is my turn, that people can say that I was dedicated to spreading the hope and love of the Lord.

Another very long time family friend of ours, has recently found out that his cancer has returned, after not too long in remission.  He is a wonderful man, husband, father, grandfather, and friend.

I pray that if cancer or illness strikes me I have the comfort of troves of family and friends to comfort and pray for me.

My friend Mel had a recent blog about Thanksgiving.  “Thanksgiving marks the first of events that I’ll be remembering what it had been like when Owen was alive.  He never had a birthday … there wasn’t a comparison of what it used to be like.  I didn’t feel the weight of memories of what it was like when he was there.  Last year, we were at the NICU early in the morning.  Doug and I arguing over how to install the car seats.  Mom and Dad came over with steak dinners and we watched the parade for my sister and brother who were marching in the Macy’s Day parade.  Owen was here for a Thanksgiving.  He lived through one and frankly, he should still be here for this one. Then Saturday is the 6 month anniversary of his death.  Then in two weeks after that he’ll be gone longer than he was alive.  boom boom boom  Right in a row.  Owen was alive for 196 days.  He’ll be gone for 196 days on 12/12/11.” Mel is learning everyday and is an amazing mom, but could use a few extra prayers this Thanksgiving.

I pray that if tragedy struck my baby I could be as selfless as Mel and Doug have been, and turn to God and know that through Him all things are possible.  And that I could turn my energies to doing good in my child’s name rather than concentrating on everything that I cannot hold in this world.

My friends’ grandpa/dad has been waiting for a major heart surgery for a few weeks.  The surgery is coming up and they will be taking care of him and their grandma/mom during recovery in their house.  They are such wonderful giving people who I am so glad that I have gotten the pleasure of knowing and working on OWENGE events with.

I pray that my and Eric’s children/grandchildren love us enough to help us through difficult times in whatever the capacity calls for.

So in each of these instances there are many blessings, but tears, sorrow, and sadness as well.  Please pray for our friends, so today I give the small platform that I have to ask for prayers in my friends’ time of need.

Thank you and Happy Giving!

30 Day Giving Challenge – Day 21

22 11 2011

Tonight we invited Eric’s brother over for some beer and football.  I know it’s not much, but he’s such a busy guy, he works long hours has a wonderful wife a 2 year old daughter and also a 3 week old daughter, and they are in the process of building a house so life is really busy for him.  Kristin and the girls went to her mom’s for a night and I hinted that Eric offer Jon an invite.  It was nice to spend time with just him, don’t get me wrong I LOVE spending time with him and the girls but it’s been so long since we have hung out with Jon.  He made Tucker laugh so hard…it was like nothing Eric and I had never seen…pure joy!  Eric even tried to get him to do laugh again doing the same things Jon did, but it’s just a godfather/godson kinda thing!  Sometimes just a beer and football is the best kind of giving….well, let’s be honest, beer makes for great giving!

Happy Giving!

30 Day Giving Challenge – Day 20

20 11 2011

Today was my day to help with Sunday School. It was a very impactful Sunday at SoTH. I was a blubbering mess helping with the first rehearsal for the children’s Christmas program. As we plan Tucker’s 1st birthday it hit me how fast this year is going and how it’s gonna be no time before we are are watching him in this program. Wow. So glad I could give my time to help out today. It showed me how to appreciate the right now. It’s gonna be gone in a flash. (:

30 Day Giving Challenge – Day 19

20 11 2011

Today I volunteered at the first Little Warriors event. I was so proud to I know that I made a difference for someone. It was a wonderful event that gave families the opportunity to teach their children how they are capable of doing something wonderful for someone who otherwise would get nothing. It’s a tremendous thing. So proud today to give my time and be a Little Warrior. Hope we did you proud Owen.

30 Day Giving Challenge – Day 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17

18 11 2011

This weekend and week has been crazy busy and I don’t think it’s gonna slow down for a while!  I didn’t have time to get on the computer and update our 30 Giving Challenge.  So here is goes, trying to dig into the depths of my memory (it really isn’t that deep so…) Sorry for the lag!

Day 12: Today we attended my sister’s best friend from college’s baby shower, we went a little over budget on the gift we gave, but it was all our favorite things to use with Tucker.  Who doesn’t love to give things for a baby?

Day 13:  Today is my sister’s birthday.  My sister is my best friend in the whole wide world.  I love love love her.  The day she came home from the hospital has been etched into the brains of my mom, dad, dj, and grandma and she will be forever known as my Sistha – and yes lisps were cute on a two year old!  I was the ultimate helper whether my mom wanted it or not.  We grew apart to grow closer than ever in adulthood.  So when her birthday dinner was cancelled early in the day because of some calendar mix ups, I knew we had to celebrate the day.  I grabbed the ingredients for Perfect Pizza Crust ran to do some errands with Tucker and get the rest of the toppings and a small cake.  It was a great night and my sister really appreciated it.  She said she didn’t care if we had something or not, and maybe she didn’t…but I think she’s a lot to celebrate!

Day 14:  I gave my husband the night off, he’s a really good husband and a good father, but he needs his time too, so tonight I took on mom and baby duty and Eric went out with Matt to a beer tasting and football game watching night at Bilda’s.  I love how we both understand the need to get away but love when we get to hang out together.

Day 15: Today I did something so simple, I opened the door for a stranger and wished the cashier a nice day.  These VERY simple things could make someone’s day, you never know who you’re smiling at.  (:

Day 16:  Today I drove my friend and I to our book club.  Sometimes it’s nice just sit in the passenger’s seat and have someone drive you.

Day 17:  Today a friend and I worked with Tucker to have the ‘foundation’ for some Christmas presents from Tucker.  There are literally thousands of ways to make virtually free gifts from kids.  I can’t say too much on here because I know that they read this (:

30 Day Giving Challenge – Day 11

11 11 2011

Today I signed up to donate blood at a blood drive at our Church.  When I hear stories about how a hour of your time could save a life, tears immediately well up in my eyes.  Blood donation is such a personal thing for our family.

My Father In Law Jim was a regular blood donor for years.  A few years ago they noticed an abnormality, and was told to consult with his doctor.  Jim was diagnosed with a hypercelluar bone marrow with myeloproliferative disorder and fibrosis.  This is something that has changed all of our lives especially Jim & Bunny’s.  Although Jim’s disease is chronic (life long) he is still with us today because he was a regular donor and it was caught early.  Please consider a donation of blood or platelets – your donation could save a life, who knows it may even be your own.  I’m donating in honor of Jim. One of my personal heros.

I encourage each of you to visit your own blood center’s website and schedule a donation today.  Wisconsin’s is http://www.bcw.edu/bcw/

Happy Giving!