And we are a go go go!

30 08 2011

So Tucker officially started crawling this weekend.  Life as we know it is changing!  Most parents are so excited for the next thing that they cannot fully appreciate the right now.  Eric and I talked about that and we vowed to enjoy the here and now.  I loved the fact that I could put Tucker on the floor when I had to take bogey out to pee and know he would still be there when I got back in the house, or that he was content with the toys he had right there…those days were enjoyed but are long gone.

just look at that little face!

In just 4 days it’s like we have a whole new kid living here.  He crawls behind me when I go around the house, and I am on my hands and knees looking to see what he could possibly pull off low shelves or find on the floor to eat.  I thought night time feedings were tough, I think we’ve now left the tee ball league and we’re in little league.  Cause I know that this is FAAAAAAAAAAAAR from the major league of parenting.  From what I hear that comes much later!

I swear that as soon as we get a firm grasp on a new phase of parenting everything changes and we’re back at square one again with a whole new phase.  God sure is keeping Eric and I on our toes.  Bedtime is a whole new thing most nights now too…the world is so much more interesting and it’s getting harder to rock Tucker to sleep.  This I will miss the most as life changes, I hope that Tucker will still want to snuggle for a VERY long time.  I know that is a bad habit to have him need to be rocked, but since I work full time I just don’t get a lot of quality time with him during the week.  He does just fine though if I put him down in his crib away but tired he talks and whines a bit but it doesn’t take too long to fall asleep, if he truly was tired.

Here is a video I got of Tucker crawling for Grandma, she was up north all week and missed the major action…but wanted to make sure she and Grandpa were involved!

and, yes, I did lure my child across the blanket with puffs, like I have done with the dog on numerous occasions.  I find the process works the same for Tucker as it did to teach bogey things.  I find myself using the same commands quite often and bogey will perform his countless tricks in hopes of getting a puff too…usually works, I’m a sucker for those puppy eyes!

Dear Tucker Tot,
I love that you keep our life ever-moving.  I honestly can’t remember the calmness before you blessed our life…but can’t imagine life any other way now.  Your smiling face lights up my days and brightens the room.  You are truly a gift from God that your dad and I cherish.  I can’t believe that you’re moving around now, it seems like only yesterday that you were just a tiny, okay you were never tiny, newborn only moments old.  The time sure has flown by and it doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.  Thank you for being you, a smiley, happy, go with the flow kind of baby.  I love being your mom, I feel like I have accomplished so much by bringing wonderful you into the world for everyone to meet.  You have blessed every life you’ve touched.  I love you tucka-roo. 



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